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Update: Follow-Up and Thanks to Chi Running for 2 Marathons in 5 Weeks!

January 5th, 2012

Update: Follow-Up and Thanks to Chi Running for 2 Marathons in 5 Weeks!

Just sending a followup note of thanks for Chi Running. I wrote you over the summer very excited about my chi running progress. Training with your beginner marathon program was great. The beginners guide was very insightful and packed with great detail, info, and recommended schedules.

I'm happy to report there were no major surprises and we were able to complete 2 full marathons over a 5 week period with no injuries or significant ill effects. We didn't go without having a few bad training runs, but we were prepared for that to happen. As a "mature" runner (age 52), I also found I needed to limit myself to to 3 runs per week to avoid over-training, but kept my long-slow-distance run at pretty much full recommended distance and pace (peaking in the 22-24 mile range).

My partner Susan (also a Chi Running "Believer") and I ran the City of Oaks Marathon (Raleigh, NC) on Nov. 11th. I was able to finish my first marathon mid-pack for my age group, at about 4:25 (Susan had done several marathons before). I was pleased that I finished feeling strong and completed the 2nd half of the race faster than the first half. Five weeks later on Dec. 10th, we ran the Kiawah Island marathon in S.C. in about 4:30. After each race, I was admittedly a little sore, but had no problem comfortably completing a 3 or 4 mile run within 72 hours of completing each of the marathons. I really thought recovery time would be much longer.

Two or three years ago, I was struggling to finish a 5k. The Chi Running technique has made an amazing difference for me. We're now enjoying some time off from race-specific training, but would really miss our 3-runs-a-week if we didn't get them in. We're not expecting to break any course records but it feels great to be fit and it's a great feeling to now have the confidence to be able to complete just about any race.

The picture is of Susan and me from the Kiawah Island Marathon. Thanks again for Chi Running and Happy New Years!

Best Regards,
Alan M.
Durham, NC 

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