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My New Personal Record with Chi Running

February 23rd, 2012

My New Personal Record with Chi Running

       I just want  to let Danny know that I saw some immediate results from Saturday's Chi Running Workshop in Orlando.

       Woke up this morning to 45 and 20 mph winds and almost skipped a sort-of-planned 5K today here in South Florida -- particularly after being on my feet much of the day during the workshop -- but I dragged myself down there.

      I ran 22:00, which was a PR for my newest running life, and probably my fastest in 20 years or more. Won my age group, and 34th overall.

      Focuses that made a huge difference: arms and hip rotation.I didn't do the hip rotation throughout, but I did enough of it, including a couple of bursts, that made a huge difference. And when I started to overstride, I refocused and brought it back in -- and ran faster.

      There's much, much more there, maybe even a couple of minutes, and I just wanted to thank Danny and all his Instructors for a very important day in my running life.

Thank you.

Craig S.


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