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Family Gets Fit with ChiRunning

August 14th, 2013

Family Gets Fit with ChiRunning

I was introduced to ChiRunning about a year ago when my friend recommended your book.  I was attempting to get my family back on the bandwagon with a better and more consistent exercise routine, and I figured that signing up for a local race would give me a timeline and goal to accomplish that.  I hadn't run since high school (13 years ago) and knew I would need some education and guidance.  Your program helped me learn to listen to my body and take time and patience for proper training.  In the last year and a half, I have lost 20 lbs. and am back to a physical shape I am much more happy with, and my pre-childbearing weight of 125lbs.  My children beg to go bike riding with me while I run with our 3 yr. old puppy.  Two months into my training, my husband even joined in and committed to an exercise routine for himself, and has lost approx. 25 lbs.!  Even though we were on a good path, we knew we needed more exercise.  Now we are all much happier, have more energy, and are making it a point to invest in our health everyday.  ChiRunning has done so much for my family, and taught me so much about life.  It is a way of living, and I am hooked!   Thank you!

Vanessa V.


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