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Bring on the Next Marathon

May 11th, 2015

Bring on the Next Marathon

I have been running on/off for 7 years! 3 months running, then 2 months off! I used to think I had weak calves as I was always pulling them. Then, I brought the ChiRunning book 2 years a go and haven't looked back since. Now aged 38 running better times than seven years a go—PB's in every race up to half marathon since. And now I run in lightweight racing flats. I then got into the London Marathon (never done one before), so I bought the ChiMarathon book immediately. It was one off the best days off my life, right up there with getting married and having children. I smiled all the way round and felt great. It was a packed race so it realy didn't start for me until mile 15/16. It was then I was flying, so relaxed and happy. I was passing people like they were standing still. I felt so strong, but not a forced effort. I had family and friends at mile 25 and, when i finished, one said I made it looked easy, and it was! The last 3 miles were a bit tough, but that was it. I ran a 628 mile sprint (my fastest) at mile 24, and finished in 315.22–only ten mins of qualifying time. Thank you so much, Danny and team! Boy, did I have fun in my first marathon. Bring on the next one!


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