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Movement is the Key

The human body loves and needs to move and be active. If longevity, good health and a high quality of life are your goals, consistent, centered movement is the key.

Chi Walking and Chi Running are mindful fitness programs that imbue walking and running with the philosophy and movement principles of T’ai Chi, an ancient martial art. You’ll learn to focus your mind, strengthen your core and move with grace and ease.

Our focus on injury prevention and energy efficiency means that you will be able to run or walk faster and farther with less effort, injury-free, for a lifetime. Our step-by-step lessons (available in books, DVDs and in workshops by Certified Instructors) are practical, and recommended by doctors.

The human body is capable of remarkable things - from running marathons to recovering from life-threatening diseases. Chi Running and Chi Walking will help you be your own best coach; discover the capable athlete within; and enjoy an active, healthy life.


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