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ChiWalking Instructor Certification

At this time, we do not have an upcoming ChiWalking Instrcutor Training. 
If you are interested, please email Instructors@chiliving.com to be notified of any in the future.

  • Empower yourself and others through teaching mindful fitness
  • Help individuals and organizations take charge of their health with an injury-free, life-long walking program
  • Deepen your personal practice and benefit financially
  • Join a worldwide community of supportive Instructors

The ChiWalking Home Study Course gives you the tools to build and promote your business as a ChiWalking Instructor while creating real change in the lives of others. Complete your certification at home and begin teaching this revolutionary technique in just three months. Please complete the "Contact Us" form on the right for more information or sign up today for the upcoming course!


ChiWalking Instructor Training Schedule

Date of Training Register by PAY HERE

MUST READ Information About the ChiWalking Training:

ChiWalking Instructor Program Benefits

The ChiWalking Instructor Program is a wonderful opportunity for you to learn how to teach the revolutionary ChiWalking technique through a self-paced homestudy program that is accessible online anywhere in the World. Benefits Include:

  • Ability to teach individuals and groups the ChiWalking technique
  • Opportunity to give public talks and presentations, and lead group walks
  • ChiWalking Homestudy Materials & Study Outline
  • Access to Online Support and Mentorship
  • Access to Business and Educational Presentations
  • Participation in the ChiLiving Instructor Community
  • Customizable Instructor Page on ChiLiving Website
  • Customizable Marketing Materials (Business Cards, Flyers, etc.)
  • Opportunity to join the ChiLiving PRO Workshop marketing program
  • Participation in ChiLiving blogs, social media, bulletin boards, and articles
  • Use of the trademarked ChiWalking logo to market your business
  • Partner commissions on ChiRunning and ChiWalking product sales

ChiWalking Instructor Program Outline

The ChiWalking Instructor Training program is an online homestudy program that is designed to be completed in a two-month time period. Educational presentations, study information, and all testing materials will be sent electronically.

ChiWalking Instructor Program Study Schedule:

Week 1: Manual: "Getting Started", Lesson 1: Introduction Watch ChiWalking DVD
Week 2: Manual: Lesson 2: Posture, ChiWalking Book: Chapters 1-3
Week 3: Manual: Lesson 3: Lower Body, Book: Chapters 4-5
Week 4: Manual: Lesson 4: Upper Body, Book: Chapters 6-8
Week 5: Manual: Lesson 5: Move Forward & Begin to Walk, Book: Chapters 9-11
Week 6: Manual: Lesson 6: Body Looseners, Lesson 7 (Breathing)
Week 7: Manual: Lesson 8 (Hills)
Week 8: Manual: Lesson 9 (Video Analysis), Lesson 10 (Program Development), Lesson 11 (Closing)

It is highly recommended that Candidates attend a ChiWalking workshop, or meet individually, with a Certified Instructor to learn the basics of ChiWalking prior to, or during, the ChiWalking Certification program. 

To become fully Certified, you must submit Proof of Liability Insurance and proof of CPR Certification within the last year.

Taking the ChiWalking Certification course does not guarentee final Certification.  You must meet the standards we have set to be a Certified Instructor and reserve the right to not Certify anyone who does not meet these standards.

Annual Recertification: There is a $90 recertification and liscencing fee to be paid by January 31st every year.  At that time, you will also need to resign the Non-Disclosure Agreement, and provide Proof of Liability Insurance.  You will be emailed with instructions.

ChiWalking Instructor Program Costs

The fee for the ChiWalking Certification Program is $495, which includes all course materials and programs.

ChiWalking Homestudy Course Materials include:

  • ChiWalking Book (physical)
  • ChiWalking DVD (digital)
  • ChiWalking Workbook (PDF)
  • ChiWalking Instructor Manual (PDF)
  • Practice Teaching Log (PDF)

To maintain Certification, all Instructors must keep current Professional Liability Insurance, submit an annual fee payment of $90 and resign the Non-Disclosure Agreement - Due January 31st every year.

Steps for Registration

Step 1: Pay The cost of the ChiWalking Instructor Course is non- refundable.

Step 2: Sign the Agreement You must review and sign this Non-Disclosure Agreement before any course/study materials will be sent to you.

Step 3: Fill out this Registration form

Learn More at ChiWalking.com

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