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Avocado Salad

This is a very hearty salad that we eat as a meal by itself. We eat it regularly for dinner (every other week or so). Because it's such a rich source of minerals, Danny eats it the day after a race too. It also makes a very good breakfast if you can get used to the idea of vegetables for breakfast! We eat vegetables for breakfast at least twice a week. In many cultures it is common to eat vegetables for breakfast. It’s a nutrient rich, low calorie way to start your day, and much better than slam dunking a bagel and cup of coffee.

Yields: 1-2 Servings

Ingredients Amount
Avocado 4/5 Cup
Tomato 2/5 Cup
Cucumber 1/3 Cup
Red or green pepper 1/3 Cup
Scallions 1/8 Cup
Carrots 1/3 Cup, grated
Monterey Jack Cheese 1/3 Cup, grated
Dulse 1/8 Cup, shredded into small pieces
Balsalmic vinegar 2 Tbs, or to taste
Olive oil 1 Tbs, or to taste


For this meal you cut everything in small square-ish shapes (unless noted) and then layer the ingredients in the order presented. So, the bottom layer will be avocado, with grated cheese and dulse at the top. (Dulse is a seaweed, delicious and full of minerals.)

It’s easiest to dice the total amount of ingredients, then make each person’s salad individually.


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