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Deb Schaub — Certified Instructor

I love to run! 
I played field hockey in high school and then ran for pleasure during and after college.  I didn’t train or compete; I just ran.

Later, I competed in several 5 & 10K’s, then 1/2 marathons, triathlons, and finally 2 marathons, Chicago and then Boston.  After that I had no cartilage left in one knee.

I gave up running for a year, then started back with a brace for 2 yrs, and after learning ChiRunning, I can run every week with no brace.

In 2011, I finished my 1st half in 7 yrs.and have run 7 since then.
I am very competitive in my age group.
What a blessing that I discovered Chi Running!  I always fine tune my form and speed while I help and encourage others achieve their running and walking goals.

I love to teach: I also instruct Water Running, Water Aerobics, Ai Chi, Yoga and Stretch/ Balance and medically based Sr. classes.
My purpose and intention s to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle. 

I am part relay team for the 80ml River2River Relay;
1-3 half marathons a yr;
4 on July 4th, and 4 on Thanksgiving;
plus a few 5 and 10 k’s.
I always place in the top 3 of AG.
Apr of 2015 my bone on bone knee problem escalated to the point that I run very little and am focusing on getting faster in ChiWalking.  When I want to be faster, I break into a run.

I teach ChiRun/Walking lessons USUALLY starting from Dick Pond’s in St. Charles, IL.  Contact me for private or semi-private lessons. 
I was promoted to Sr Instructor based on running technique and ability to evaluate/analyze running form.  Since then, in summer of 2016, I had a total knee replacement and am not running.  Therefore, I am focusing on walking min. 20 miles a week and teaching ChiWalking.

Run ‘n Rhythm

Deb Schaub

Western Suburbs of Chicago


630 584-8099


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