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Jeanette Bays — Senior Instructor

As a lifelong runner, I have experienced running before ChiRunning and after ChiRunning and I can tell you there are HUGE differences!   
After tearing a ligament in my ankle in 2005, which sidelined my running for almost 6 months, my goal was to NEVER be in the position again of not being able to run because of an injury.  After my ankle healed completely, I entered the world of triathlons and have been loving the sport ever since.  In 2007, when I decided to get into the longer distances, I knew that if my running didn’t improve, I’d be struggling to cross the finish line.  I needed to become a much better, more efficient runner!   
After I discovered ChiRunning, it fulfilled the two most important things to me which were staying injury-free and running more efficiently.  PLUS, it gave me what I wasn’t expecting…running with much less effort, eliminated/drastically reduced recovery time and a new joy for running!  With the powerful benefits of ChiRunning, I enjoyed my biggest physical challenge in November 2010, an Ironman.
In the midst of learning and practicing this technique for my benefit, it became apparent very quickly that my passion was to share ChiRunning with others so that they could benefit from the technique the way I have.  Whether you have never run and want to begin, or are currently a runner at any speed, you WILL benefit from this technique.  Or, if you are like many runners, with occasional or chronic injuries, ChiRunning CAN make those injuries a thing of the past.   
With a teaching and organizational design background, my goal is to teach you ChiRunning (or ChiWalking) in a simple, organized and easy to learn format.  At the end of a workshop, private or semi-private lesson, you will have a clear understanding of the technique which you can immediately apply to your running and be on your way to enjoying efficient, injury-free and enjoyable running!   
All ChiRunning Essentials Half-Day (4-hour) workshops include:

  The Keys to Effortless, Injury-free Running
  Introduction to the ChiRunning Form:  Posture, Lean, Heel Lift and Arm Swing
  The Physics of Running:  Run without using your legs for propulsion
  ChiRunning vs. Power Running
  Get Aligned and Relax
  Pelvic Rotation for “Free Speed”
  The importance of cadence and stride length
  Learning to Use your Gears
  How to conserve energy at any speed
  Injury Prevention Techniques
  Personal Check-In Tricks and Tools
  Handouts of the material covered in the class
  Video gait analysis to identify and remedy technical flaws
  Slide presentation throughout the workshop to enhance your learning experience.

Don’t wait to learn what can benefit you for the rest of your life.  
Read the Book, watch the DVD and/or attend a Workshop.

Workshops: $125

Semi-Private Lesson:  (You put together your own group of…)
                                        2-4 People=$175/person
                                        5-7 People=$150/person
                                        8-10 People=$125/person

Private Lesson: $230  
To schedule private lessons or for any additional information, feel free to contact me at: or (614) 352-5050. 

Jeanette Bays

Columbus, OH




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