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Edward Paramo — Certified Instructor

I’m teaching a class this Sat Feb 7 in Dallas after being injured for over 1 1/2 years. My ankle is feeling better. I’ve learn more being injured than it not much fun. I’m ready to enjoy running again.

Well, I have never been a runner because it looked too hard, too much time, not fun, and you get hurt. I had 3 knee surgeries on my right knee in 1988,89, 91, ACL, and arthritis in my left ankle. I received a flyer to run the 2004 Disney marathon, and I laugh because I was not a runner.  I had people try to show me how to run, but it didn’t help. I wanted to quit several times when I was in tears from the pain and nearly falling several times after running and nobody could help. Several people told me to quit and some said to take pain pills before all traning runs. I did and it help sometimes. After the marathon, I wasn’t going to run any long distance events.

I hurt my left ankle the next year and couldn’t run much that year. I found the website by mistake, and I found it fascinating because everything I read was addressing all my aches and pain. I brought the DVD and book and started using the principles in the book, and soon I got rid of my braces and my knee pain disappear by just watching and practicing how my feet was landing. I decided to become an instructor because I saw the rewards and struggle people had while running but never finding the answer to the aches and pain. I have learned to relax more because if I don’t then my ankle starts giving me problems. I had the best race of my life when I completed the 2006 Disney Goofy Challenge, three times at Disney. The Goofy┬áChallenge is when you run the 1/2 marathon on Saturday and then the full on Sunday and get three medals. I got a Donald Duck, Mickey, 3 times, and one Goofy medal and was able to function normally the next day. I have fun in my classes telling stories and how they should enjoy running or walking.

Thanks for reading my brief bio, and I will be teaching in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

Edward Paramo

Dallas area




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