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Chris Nico — Certified Instructor

What started as coincidence ended with purpose. I met Danny in 2004 at an informational workshop he was giving at Road Runner Sports but I didn’t go there to see him, I was there to buy shoes. I reluctantly took a seat in the audience and listened and in a matter of minutes was struck by the shear logic of it all. Finally, answers to questions that had haunted me for 15 years as a dedicated, overstriding, injury prone, power runner. Form does matter!  Overstriding is bad! Cadence is important! Self diagnosing and injury prevention is possible! I left with the ChiRunning book and CD in hand. By the end of Chapter 4, I swore that I would learn the technique well enough to teach others and in January, 2005 that became a reality.

The ChiRunning technique has transformed my running into a serious practice and a pure joy.  I’ll run trails, track, or road. They are all fun and all serve a purpose.  When not immersed in my full time endeavor (fancy talk for day job) as a commercial construction contractor, I thoroughly enjoy building better runners and walkers.  If your goal is to make healthy walking and/or running a permanent part of your life, please call or email me for private or group instruction. If your goal is to train for a marathon in 13 weeks so you can brag to your friends, call somebody else.

Chris Nico

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