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Jonathan Lee — Certified Instructor

After struggling with multiple running-related injuries, Jonathan decided in 2011 to attend an introductory Chi Running course.  Having tried all of the gimmicky trends in running shoes, he found that often, one injury led to another.  After attending the course, he realized that just as with other sports, you must first build a foundation of proper technique, after which you can make improvements to increase endurance, then achieve better results in distance and speed.  Five years later, Jonathan is a Certified Chi Walking and Chi Running Instructor, has completed ten marathons, increased his race distances from 50K to 50 miles, and recently completed his first 100K race.  Chi Running has allowed Jonathan to progress from simply finishing these ultra distance races to frequently placing top in his division.

During his professional career, he has assisted in Orthopaedics, Podiatry, and Sports Medicine Surgery, during which time he has seen firsthand the impact of running-related injuries.  Incorporating the Chi Running technique, which focuses on Alignment and Relaxation, has allowed Jonathan to run thousands of miles injury-free and healthier than ever. 

This is what he wants to continue sharing with fellow walkers and runners who wish to lace up their sneakers and enjoy pain-free and effortless running.

Jonathan Lee

Portland, OR


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