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Sharon Walsh — Certified Instructor

Sharon is the only Chi Running instructor in the West of Ireland. Sharon is a fitness instructor and has been running for fitness and leisure for several years and is also a regular triathlete. In 2009 Sharon completed her first marathon but became injured and was out of action for 3 months due to an ITB injury.
It was during this time that she discovered Chi Running and has now trained and completed 3 more marathons injury free thanks to Chi Running.
Sharon is passionate about running and believes Chi Running can ensure you can enjoy running injury free in a relaxed and more energy efficent form for many more years.
Sharon will run regular workshops throughout the west, in addition if you have a group interested in learning Chi Running she can travel to you. She also offers 1:1 lessons.
Each workshop includes video analysis, a free follow up group to monitor your progress, and regular meet and train Chi Running sessions.

Sharon Walsh

West of Ireland, Galway




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