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Balavan Thomas — Certified Instructor

I have been a runner for 30 years.I enjoyed cross-country running at school,but then took up cycling and swimming to keep fit.
In 1985 I started running on a regular basis. Coincidently I also studied Tai Chi about this time for a year and started a daily meditation practice.
I became a keen runner and my favourite distance was 10 miles which I managed to run in 59 mins (6 min mile pace).
In 1987 I took part in the Peace Run an International Torch relay.In 1991 I became country coordinator for the Peace Run and remained coordinator for 20 years.During this time I ran with the team throughout Britain and Ireland.In 2005 the Peace Run became the World Harmony Run and I also joined the running teams many times in Europe and America.
While running with the World Harmony Run team in the Cezh Republic I met a friend who was an ulta runner.He was a very experienced runner and had recently become a Chi Running instructor.As we ran through the Cezh Republic he introduced me to the concepts of Chi Running.I found my running becoming more flowing and effortless.I was really inspired to learn more and on my return to the UK I attended a Chi Running Workshop. Now it all seemed to make sense and I gradually incorporated Chi Running into my running style, occasionally it would all come together and I would experience moments when running felt effortless.As I integrated Chi Running into my daily running I started to observe other runners and saw how many were struggling with their running because of bad running technique.After some time and inspired by my instructor friend I decided to become a Chi Running Instructor.I was lucky enough to be trained under the supervision of Master Instructor Marion Meesters and I also got the opportunity to assist master instructor Catherina McKiernan(winner of the Berlin,London and Amsterdam marathons)in Dublin.

So now I am able to combine my love of running with my work as a certified Chi Running Instructor.
If you feel you would like to learn how to run in a more energy efficient and bio-mechanically correct way then don’t hesitate to contact me. 

I run regular one-day ChiRunning Workshops in central London. Each one day workshop includes, video analysis and access to a regular Chi Running Club where time is spent on particular focuses before heading out for a run around local parks to put them into practice. I also offer 1-2-1 and small group sessions by appointment.
For further information contact me on 07828517531
e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Also you can see details of my workshops and free running club and talks at Run and Become,a running shop,in Victoria, London. (click on running workshops).


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