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Posted by Elizabeth Frost on Thu Dec 4th, 2008, 3 comments

oh man, i have to spill the beans. I ran on the treadmill Tuesday night. i feel like i am a cheater or a bad person or a fake or something. not really but sort of… haha! no wonder I have procrastinated on writing about it.

Danny wrote a good article about running on the treadmill… you can look at it here. Good tips for those of you approacing bitter cold running seasons…

It was getting dark before I got out of the office, and the Y is right across the street, so I went there and ran on the treadmill. Because it is CRAZY busy after work (honestly, they have to man the sign-in board and for about 3 hours, have a full-time person calling out names of next-in-line for the exercise equipment!) I only ran for 30 minutes, since they have a time limit during peak hours. Understood why they have the rule, but man, it’s crazy. In the reflection of the glass, I could see people lurking around the sign-in board like vultures ready to drop for some carcasses.

I was a carcass when I finished: had planned to run outside, so I didn’t have the best clothes: cotton tank, long sleeve tech shirt and loose over pants. I was sweaty when I was done, and felt like I had run much farther/faster than I in fact had. 3 miles in 30 minutes… again, nothing if not consistent!

I focused on the following things on the treadmill:

  • leaning. I had to stand a little farther back from the controls than I was used to from my previous treadmill experiences, but it was fine because the lean kept me from going off the back end (I started imagining those hilarious commercials when someone flies off the back of treadmill and gets spit onto the ground… I didn’t want to become one of those laughing stocks. Have you ever actually done that?) This is a funny little YouTube video some of you may have seen… good little laugh to pick up your day.
  • arm swing down. a couple of times i caught my hands floating up near my shoulders, and i could watch in the reflection of the glass to make sure that my hands didn’t come above the reflection of the treadmill.
  • quick cadence. I set the machine to do a ‘random’ course which meant some ‘hills’… but I tried to just keep the cadence the same the whole time, even with the little bit of hills. It’s hard to keep a good cadence when you’re at the gym next to 10 other treadmills and loud music. I thought I had about 85 but then actually counted and I was only at 77! that was alarming and enlightening!
  • heels up! I could see in the reflection that I had pretty good little circles going around with my ankles and feet. that was very satisfying…

I was surprised at how sweaty I got: sure it’s being indoors and having too much clothing on, but I wonder if the treadmill running was that much more difficult for me because I felt like I had run closer to 45/60 minutes rather than 30. Something to work on if I go over there again, eh?

Didn’t have any aches and pains and I stretched decently well afterwards, so no tightness or soreness today or yesterday.

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Yikes aren’t treadmills awful….especially after you’ve been running outside.  I was on one after a spinning class last week for the first time in probably a year. It felt so weird.  I wanted to try and run faster and the only way I know for sure is on the treadmill, so after a spinning class I decided to jump on it and push for a faster mile to see how I felt. Very difficult getting the chi-running techniques down on the treadmill.

You have what about 5 more weeks or so until your race? You seem to be right where you need to be. It may be very cool for you race.  I live in Austin, TX and when I ran this morning it was 33 degrees….but the good thing is you won’t have snow:)

Oh and regarding the crowd at the Y…I know it is frustrating but at the same time I look at it in a good light, I love to see that many people working on their health in that way.

Ha, ha!!! I ran on a treadmill all of last week as it was too dark to run outside. I kept telling my husband that I felt like I was cheating some how too! It is different- you don’t feel like a “real runner”....I’m looking forward to hitting the streets in a few minutes. I love your blog and always look forward to hearing how your training is going!

Even though I prefer running outside, I love the treadmill for ALWAYS being there for me. Times like a night run, rainy and snowy days. Running in the rain feels very refreshing but the chances of getting injured is high.

Elizabeth, I have this treadmill but it doesn’t have a cadence feature. Is there a way I can emulate it without always having to control the buttons?

<3 your blog. It always pump me up for the next run.

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