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Expensive Running Shoes are Not Better, Study Shows

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Wed Jun 1st, 2016, 6 comments

Expensive Running Shoes are Not Better, Study Shows

The topic of shoes is always a hot topic and I just read about a study that adds even more fuel to the fire. Here's a very interesting study done by the good folks at http://www.runrepeat.com The t.itle itself is even guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows: Expensive Running Shoes Are Not Better Than More Affordable Running Shoes (Study).

This study is, of course, anecdotal because it is based on 134,867 reviews of 391 running shoes from 24 brands. This study compared the list price of running shoes with how well rated they are by the runners wearing them. The key conclusion is that expensive running shoes are not better-rated than more affordable ones. In fact, inexpensive running shoes are better rated than expensive ones.

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Really disappointed in your support of this website and posting this article.

This website only encourages people to continue to buy their running shoes on-line instead of at their local independent running store.  A quick review of their rankings also leads me to believe that it’s warped as well.  The Huaka is not Hoka’s #2 shoe. It’s the one that they discontinued and had massive price cuts.

The proper shoe should not be determined by price or color.  It should be the right shoe/right size for the individual.

Warren Mullisen Jun 2nd, 2016 03:27pm

I’m still a beginner; 75+ marathons since 1972.
Choosing the “right” shoe is almost 100% subjective. Information good to know, then continue to try on different brands/styles to find the fit right for you.

They don’t take mileage or runners performance or goals into account? So the opinion of someone running, say, 10 miles/week occasionally gets just as much cred as someone regularly running, say, 60 miles/week? And everything in between. That alone makes this meaningless. What am I missing?

Charles Koehl Jun 3rd, 2016 06:32pm

They should take into account that most shoppers are aware that you get what you pay for, so those reviewing cheaper shoes would have lower expectations and thus be more lenient in their ratings. In other words, a low rating is not an absolute, but relative to the price point to a degree.

Geoff Richards Jul 17th, 2016 09:25am

I mean…don’t avoid expensive running shoes just b/c they’re expensive. What a bizarre study - doesn’t everyone need shoes to suit their own specific needs, gait, pronation, etc.?

When you buy running shoes from a local specialty store, you not only help yourself, but you are helping to support an integral part of the community.

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