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Danny’s Interview with LifeAfterPain.com

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Thu Jun 12th, 2014, 1 comment


At the first sign of pain, most runners and walkers head for the medicine cabinet for their favorite brand of painkillers. At ChiRunning, we take the approach that pain is the body's way of telling us that something is not working as it should. In response to the all-too-common medication approach, here's a fun 30-minute interview I did with Naomi Kuttner of LifeAfterPain.com in New Zealand. It's about ChiRunning's approach to working with pain and how improving your technique can eliminate the causes of pain in running and walking.

Listen to the interview here.


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I suffer from tight achilles which in turn it affects my plantar fasciaitis.  I have been trying the chirunning but noticed slight discomfort on the front of legs, like shins. But doesn’t hurt when I run, just to the touch. Am I doing something wrong?

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