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Chi Traveling

Posted by Danny Dreyer on Tue Jul 21st, 2015, 4 comments

Chi Traveling

Whether I'm doing ChiRunning, ChiWalking or my everyday ChiLiving, the one thing that never changes is that I'm in my body. It's where I do my most important work… my deeper study. It's my school. My current course of study is to be present as I encounter the world in each moment. That's why I call ChiRunning a practice. It's where I learn to be attentive and responsive and to let go at the same time.

Traveling, for me, is much like going out for a run. I have my internal focuses that I'm keeping track of while I'm doing my best to relax my body as much as possible. Every challenge I meet on the run is another opportunity to consciously adapt to the circumstances, and let go of trying to control my world. After all, a hill is really only a hill… a rainstorm is really only a rainstorm. Deal with it.

I read a book many years ago that permanently altered how I looked at travel.  It was called 365 Tao: Daily Meditations from Deng Ming-Dao (highly recommended); a very simple book filled with daily quotes from the Tao Te Ching explained in the author's own words. I read one every day for a year and it changed my life by allowing me the time once a day to ponder how I understood the world, my life, and my path. The stanza that still rings true for me in my practice of ChiRunning is:

"Body is the tabernacle.
Traveling one thousand miles,
The gods are still in place."
– Lao Tse from the Tao Te Ching

We all know travel can be fraught with plenty of angst around things not going as planned. Your life can swing from bliss to hell in an instant, with airline delays, traffic jams and every other contrivance the Universe can throw at you. There seems to always be in internal battle between "letting it all hang out" and "keeping it together."

So, as I'm traveling and come up against one of Life's hurdles or roadblocks (as also happens in my ChiRunning), I have to just stop and take a moment to remind myself that it is only test. And, that whether I pass or fail doesn't really matter as much as what lesson I come away with, and whether or not I am present enough to keep my wits about me as I try to go with the flow and learn from the lesson at hand.

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Consciously “going with the flow” always improves my ChiRun!

Sloane Dugan Jul 23rd, 2015 12:09pm

Thanks Danny for this reflection on traveling and maintaining one’s center.  The quote from “365 Tao: Daily Meditations” for day 95 takes me back to that message for Travel.  It remains filled with a perspective of wisdom… as does your reflection.

May you travel far and wide… and continue to be grounded through these days.

Russell Flemming Jul 26th, 2015 04:16pm

I’m stuck at the airport in Seattle and just finished reading Danny’s blog. 
My flight is currently delayed.  AGAIN! 

So, at this moment when I think of travel, I think about cursing airports, and the time slipping away from my well-crafted travel plans.  Life seems to be in a constantly state of chaos—stressful at times if we let it. 

Years ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to attend Danny’s Chi Weekend in Asheville.  One statement he made stuck:  “Running should become your practice. To become good at anything worthwhile in life—takes time.”  This registered inside me.  At one time or another we all had to be students.  We all had to put forth an effort in mastering the basics of our chosen careers.  We had to go to college, study, take exams, and earn a degree, before we entered our “practice.” 

What Danny was asking then, and I believe is asking us to do now is make “ChiRunning” our practice. 

If we do become students of ChiRunning, and truly make it our practice, we are really learning a lifestyle.  A way of successfully adapting and coping with, this constantly moving, and at times stressful world we live in. The practice of ChiRunning can help us handle the stresses that come our way in our daily lives. 

Danny want us to explore and steal shamelessly the lessons we learn from ChiRunning, and apply them to our daily lives.  You shouldn’t be afraid to pickup a copy of 365 Tao: Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao.  We are ChiRunning students after all, and…

“Every day passes whether you participate or not.” —Ming-Dao Deng

My flight has been officially cancelled.  It looks like another night in Seattle.  May as well turn it into an opportunity.  ChiRunning can help you learn to react to the negative events in life, and turn them into opportunities. 

Perhaps a night trail run!

nice blog danny about the travelling…

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