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One of Our Favorite Shoes… LEMS Shoes

Posted by Danny Dreyer A on Tue Jan 21st, 2014, No comments (be the first!)

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We’re asked all the time for a good shoe we recommend that’s comfortable, flexible, and foot-friendly.

My favorite lifestyle shoes are called Lems. They’re a relatively new brand to the shoe industry, but they’re making one of the best constructed shoes I’ve ever had on my feet. They’re a minimalist, zero drop shoe; some models have more cushioning than others. The toe box is wide, with lots of room for your toes to spread, and the uppers are soft and pliable. There’s no movement in the heel – up, down or sideways, which I really like; they hug your feet nicely. The outsoles are extremely durable; I’ve had mine for a year now and the soles are barely showing any signs of wear.

Katherine and I are thrilled to have found every day shoes that are good for our feet, look good and feel good.

I do not use these for running, but I love them for everyday use. I wear my Lems shoes almost exclusively when I travel. They offer lots of different models, from every day shoes to boots. My favorite model is the Primal because it feels like a moccasin with chutzpah.

You could run in these, but that is not my preference. Katherine does not use them for long fitness walks, but she wears hers almost every day at work and around town.

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Get a pair, and make your feet happy!

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