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7 Ways to Get More Energy for your Spring Workouts

Posted by Katherine Dreyer on Tue Apr 1st, 2014, 2 comments

happy-workoutWant more energy so you can workout more regularly? A combination of adding positive energy boosters to your life and minimizing leaks that drain your energy will build vitality and give you the resources to workout and manage the rest of your busy life.

Start by becoming aware of when you are expending energy and when you have the opportunity to take in, gather and contain energy.

 7 Ways to Manage Your Energy

1. Build, don’t waste, energy in your workouts. At the end of your walking or running workouts you should feel “pleasantly fatigued”… not exhausted. Running and walking both offer you the chance to gather and contain energy. Once a week, a long workout might require more rest after, but most of your workouts should be energizing. 

If you are tired, sore or overtaxed from your workouts it means you’re either: 1. Pushing too hard, 2. Under-conditioned or 3. Inefficient in your technique. Any energy spent pushing or forcing yourself to go faster is counter productive and can lead to injury. You can get more efficient by practicing good technique.  When you run or walk, simple adjustments will make a big difference. Start by using good posture, engaging your core muscles and shortening your stride to increase efficiency.

2. Do a mini-cleanse. A mini-cleanse is a great way to become aware of what you bring into your body and what you need to eliminate. A mini-cleanse rids your body of toxins accumulated over the Winter, and will leave you feeling lighter, cleaner and energized.

Even a short cleanse of a few days can give you a jump start on cleaning up your diet. Here is what you eat for 2 days:

• all the vegetables you want (cooked, raw, juiced)
• one to three pieces of whole fruit a day
• light, lean proteins such as fish or organic chicken
• black coffee in the morning if you need it (green tea is better)
• lots of water and herbal teas

Doing a mini-cleanse monthly, or even weekly, helps regulate your overall diet  by instating the good habit of eating lots and lots of vegetables.  (Get our kale, apple, ginger juice recipe here for some inspiration).

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Mary Ann Loane Apr 3rd, 2014 10:06am

Hi Katherine,
chiwalking looks so interesting. I was wondering what your suggestion would be for me to get started as a newbie.  I am on Cape Cod, MA..  i do so much better for motivation and learning if I can team up with someone. Are there any ChiWalking contacts here on Cape Cod, Massachusetts? Thank you so much for your time!
Mary Ann

OMMGGG WOW. Kathy this 3 part blog on 7 Ways To Get More Energy was AAMMAAZZINNG. WOW!!!! Well said!!! Kathy you are a bowl of wsdom and knowledge. And I loved you being there at Chiweek a cpl yrs ago! Thank you so much for sharing smile


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