ChiRunning® School Brings Technique Coaching to Your Inbox - Chi Living

ChiRunning® School Brings Technique Coaching to Your Inbox

ChiRunning® School Brings Technique Coaching to Your Inbox

ChiRunning — a revolutionary technique developed by world renowned coach, ultramarathoner and author Danny Dreyer to support pain-free running — can now be learned online. – 25 August 2015 — After fifteen plus years of teaching the principles of ChiRunning through in-person workshops, books and DVD’s to hundreds of thousands of runners, Founder, Danny Dreyer, is now teaching his techniques for super-efficient, pain-free running online at ChiRunning School, a monthly subscription with weekly video and audio lessons delivered to your inbox. It's back-to-school time for runners of all levels.

For media and running and fitness bloggers: Email to get a complimentary subscription and experience ChiRunning® School yourself.

The ChiRunning School brings the unique learning experience of Danny’s workshops to your inbox, including many lessons never heard or seen before. (Please watch video below.)

Dreyer says, “I put my most valuable coaching insights into these lessons, including new techniques and mind-body exercises that give you a unique experience of running with unexpected ease and grace. It can be amazing how light and joyful running can be when your technique is good, and your mind is focused in the right way.”

Video lessons arrive weekly along with a companion audio download. You’ll be reminded where to focus your mind and what to feel for in your body while you're running. These weekly lessons cover Danny’s most updated ideas and insights, including ChiWalk-Run techniques, utilizing the best of ChiRunning® and ChiWalking®. Monthly live webinars with Danny (a $25 value) on various topics like running shoes, breathing, learning to focus, etc. are also a fan-favorite feature.

Lesson titles include:

  • Don’t Use Your Legs
  • Cooperating with Forces
  • Two Arms! Two Arms!
  • The World’s Largest Treadmill
  • Don’t Forget to Breathe
  • …and many more body-mind lessons to improve your running while making it safer and easier than ever before.

Running is a very high-injury sport as every year 65% or more runners stop due to injury. This number is especially high among high-performance and aging runners.  The ChiRunning book (Fireside 2004, 2009)  has sold over 400,000 copies and is translated in ten languages. This revolutionary technique, based on the movement principles of T’ai Chi, sparked a running movement that has been featured by WebMD, Runner's World, CNN, NPR, Prevention, The New York Times, The Washington Post, USA Today and many more. There are over 200 certified ChiRunning coaches worldwide.

1000 runners have enrolled during the initial launch. Students can audit the ChiRunning® School with free upfront lessons and cancel the $9.95 monthly subscription anytime.

“I've been practicing ChiRunning almost daily since 2009 and really enjoyed it. However, it was not until I started the ChiRunning School that I really ‘got it.’ The piece-by-piece instructions are an incredible help and the one week time-frame allotted for practicing the principles give your mind/body time to integrate them into running so that they become a habit. Of course, if you do forget them, they are recorded so it is wonderful to be able to go back and do a refresher course! The improvement and ease of my running has been phenomenal in just the one month that the school has been in session. Thank you!”  – Nilima

FOR LONG LEAD MAGAZINES: ChiRunning School is perfect for New Year's Resolutions.


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