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Letter to an Instructor: Set a New PR after Chi Running Workshop

October 17th, 2011

Hi Mary,

I ran a half marathon yesterday in 1:38:16 which is 40 seconds off my PR! I ran the whole thing focusing on what we discussed in the class. I'm not perfect, but I had a number of friends who commented after the race that I had an extra set of gears on the last 2 miles. I set a target pace of 7:30/mi and due to rain and chaffing issues, I had to change my socks. The last 2 miles according to my Garmin were in the low 6 min./mile pace. I had a friend video me at the finish and noted that I'm not heel striking or dorsiflexing as much! That's worth every penny. I feel pretty good today. My hips are sore, I'm not sure why, but it is minor. No calf, shin, knee or hamstring pain!!!

P.S. I run a lot with a group and last night we did hill sprints for extreme cardio.  I couldn't believe how much easier it was using the hill technique you showed.  We usually do 25 sprints, but a friend of mine was held up at work. I did my 25 sprints, then did another 25 with her using the method learned. Great comparison.

Thanks again, the class was worth every penny!

Todd G., Witchita, Kansas

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