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Just Turned 50 and Life Has Never Been This Good

April 23rd, 2013

Just Turned 50 and Life Has Never Been This Good

I have just turned 50 and life has never been this good. I am back to running, which was not possible for over 5 years due to knee problems. Thanks to the Chi Running books and DVD I learned that the impact on my body was too much. But there is another thing that Chi Running has given me which is even bigger to me.

I am a student of the Japanese martial art called Aikido. Ki is the same as Chi in Chi Running! Aikido in itself has given me a lot. I have learned how to focus and how to center and that has been part of my live for over twenty years now. But it was not until I used Chi Walking during a summer break where I walked in the mountains that I fully understood what centering is all about. The key to this for me was the body sensing exercise. While walking in the mountains, I felt tired and was not enjoying the ride at all. Then, I started working on the form focuses, and when I started doing the body sensing exercise all of a sudden I felt completely centered and in the "here and now".

I was not tired any more, I was enjoying the birds that were singing and I could see the many colors that nature brings. I started using the exercise more and more, and it has even taken me to change the subject of my Ph.D. research. I have now created a new method called A.I. ki do, which is a combination of Aikido and Appreciative Inquiry (A.I.). In the method, I teach people how to find their source of power and how to center. This leads to better performance, better communication, better co-creation and so on.

The Chi Running technique has given me back my life! I am running every morning for about 45 minutes and feel energized when I come home to work. I have lost 15 kilo’s of extra weight that I have been carrying around for the last few years. I am now able to focus instantly and constantly because of the form focuses I do while I am running. Chi Running has changed my life for the best. I am very grateful for this beautiful ‘tool’.

Kind regards,
José Otte 


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