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ChiRunner Finishes Berlin Half Marathon Strong

April 18th, 2014

Last week I finished the Berlin Half Marathon! And I have to say now, that even in good old Europe, ChiRunning seems to work grin I have a "body" history of 30 years Aikido and now two years of Ashtanga Yoga, and I can really say that ChiRunning feels very natural and smooth. After the half marathon, I had some lightly sore legs for one day, but that was it.  And I was very "loose" running, chi wise, not taking it too seriously, just looking at my posture every ten minutes, my cadence, if anything was too stiff. So in general, it all felt  very good, and the good energy from the people around was something very special too!

So thanks for your support, and for spreading the idea of ChiRunning, which has been my first injury-free running experience (I have quit running several times because of injuries before…)

With best regards,

Silvo L.


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ChiRunning began to enrich my life on July 3, 2010 when I read the first 100 pages of the book and went for a run, and just focusing on ankle lift made a difference! My running life continues to transform and create joy! I smile when I run and love every minute. I am thrilled and grateful to be part of this ChiRunning community. Thank you for the opportunity to pursue becoming an Instructor.