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Nutrition & Weight Loss

Healthy Choices

The quality of your exercise and of your food will have a profound influence on the quality of your life, so eat well, move well and enjoy your life to the fullest. Whether you want to release excess weight or fuel yourself optimally for a marathon, the principles of the Chi Living approach to nutrition are simple:

  • Eat high-chi foods: lots of organic fruits and vegetables, legumes, lean meats or fish and non-processed, freshly prepared meals
  • Eat at regular times: having breakfast, lunch and dinner at consistent, rhythmic intervals, without grazing, supports efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Eat mindfully: allow yourself to get hungry, slow down when you eat, chew well, enjoy the tastes, textures and colors and be grateful for the food and those who prepared it

Chi Living recipes, shopping lists and nutritional suggestions provide a gateway to healthy living by providing you with sound advice on food choices and planning. In the Chi Walking and Chi Running books you’ll find a chapter dedicated to nutritional advice including sensible suggestions for weight release, fueling for events and keeping trim.

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A Chi Running Love Letter

Over the past 45 years, I have trained for and run a race of one mile or longer every year but one. I worked my way up to running marathons, but in 1982 began experiencing knee pain – ultimately in both knees. 

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