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Jane Manthorpe — Certified Instructor

I started running 30 years ago, after my very fit South African boyfriend set a bet and a challenge that I could run the London Marathon with him!

Ever since conquering my first marathon and nearly killing myself in the process, injuries galore! (and thats another entire story on its own) I have not stopped running. 

But I had no glue. After experiencing aches and pains and trying to improve the way I ran, I was advised to join a running club and learned how to run as fast as possible and pace my runs for races, all by building up leg strength to propel you along. 

I soon became plagued with injuries and spent more time recovering from these than running.  I was not happy so I started doing research to find a better way to run.

After a bit of research I found the Chi Running by Danny Dreyer, and brought the book and DVD and proceeded to teach myself the technique. 

It took a few years of consistent practice and drills, but soon I found running was becoming easier and I needed less effort.  I began to really love running as I experienced less, and less injuries and my recovery rate from runs increased or even non existent on my shorter runs.

Chi Running has lead me to a happy healthy relationship with running, from being a consistently injured and recovering athlete, to an injury-free happy runner who can run longer and with less effort, allowing me to run ultra-distances with ease. 

Chi Running has been the friend who makes each run enjoyable and sometimes just a breeze. 

The other benefit I got out of learning the Chi Running technique was to know how to Chi Walk. Its a great way to walk for fitness or just enjoyment, that takes away those aches and pains associated with bad posture.

Running is my passion, my love and my joy, and it gives me so such happiness to empower people with knowledge of how to experience this exhilarating and pain-free way of running.

Get started today.

Look forward to helping you to your health and fitness goals
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The Chi Running and Walking program

Running and walking are a great way to get fit and is the best way
tone the overall body, and achieve fitness and inner health.

But most runner’s main worry is getting injured and running out of
energy. Some people find running hard and struggle with breathing.

All these worries and concerns are addressed and solved via a
unique way of running, called Chi Running.

Chi Running focuses on the movement principles of T’ai Chi of good
stable body posture alignment, relaxation and connection with Chi
energy force naturally found around us.

What is Chi Running and walking?
In Chi Running and Walking the main focus is having the right posture for safe running and walking. Each lesson has two main focuses, Energy Efficiency and Injury Prevention.

Good posture alignment, core strength and relaxation in
the body.

A good posture for safe exercising is when your body is aligned and facing the direction for forward movement and is stabilised from having a strong core stomach muscles.

With a good stable posture alignment, that supports your body weight safely, you are able to exercise from a strong balanced body position, and be able to move your body with out the fear of injuring yourself.

Your body becomes an axle of support and balance where your arms
and legs swing relaxed, tension free.

This will reduce stress and tension that can cause a build up of wear
and tear in your ligaments and muscles causing discomfort, aches
and even pain.

The aches and pains associated from running and walking are caused by moving your body from awkward positions from a poor posture alignment.

This causes wear and tear on your muscles and ligaments, and overtime can lead to injury.

When you exercise from a posture that is strong, stable and supports your body weight, those aches and pains, and the chance of muscle pulls and injury is reduced or removed.

From good posture to ease of exercising

Once you know good posture alignment you are able to move your body easier with less effort.

The Chi Running technique teaches to lean from this posture alignment, into the pull of gravity which allows you to be pulled along with ease, taking away the effort.

From there you are taught how to land safety to reduce the impact and how to swing your legs and arms in a relax movement, to work as a team.

This will help you run with efficiency and effortlessly.

Running then becomes a joy rather than hard to do, because you know how to run safety and with ease.

Here is what you will learn step by step : 

How to get into a good posture alignment and be relaxed
within this posture whilst standing and moving forward.

Relaxation reduces tension that cause discomfort and sometimes pain within the body when exercising.
How to Chi Walk picking up your feet and landing in away
that is less impact for the body. 

How to pick your feet in a relax state and land safely on the whole foot, whilst leaning and moving forward.

Allowing your feet to be in a relaxed state and land on the whole foot, reduces the impact and the chance of injury and pain.

How to engage your core and lean forward in a controlled
fall, allowing gravity and the power of your focus to pull
you along with ease

Leaning takes away the effort to move the body forward and allows you gain speed with ease.

How to swing your arms and legs, in a relaxed state, working together as team.

How to use your arm swing with your body as you move, in a way
that is in harmony with your lean forward and your leg movements.

When your arms and legs are relaxed working together as a team, they aid your forward motion to gain momentum and smoothness in your running and walking.

Ways to strengthen your core (low abdominal) muscles to help you obtain strength and stability.

When you exercise with a strong core centre, the energy and power come from this area, eliminates the chance of back pain and allows you move your whole body with more power and control.

How to gain speed naturally and with ease by leaning more with gravity and allowing the relaxation of your pelvis to aid you.

When you relax your pelvis area and allow a natural swing to occur there, your stride increases. As you lean with this increased stride, your speed naturally increases with no effort on your part.

How to tackle hills with ease; How to run or walk up and down hills using different techniques for various steepness.

Know how to relax your pelvis and use your arms to propel you up hill, and safely land running down hill, allowing you to keep a natural effortless flow of running and speed up and down hills.

Knowing how to connect your mind and body together as you exercise so any tension or discomfort is removed.

When you able to use your mind to relax your body when running and walking, to reduce any tension in your muscles, your mind and body work as a teams you can fully enjoy exercising and get fit with ease.

The feeling is like being pulled along by a bungee cord and feeling light and easy in your every step you take,  making running and walking a much more enjoyable experience.

You come away knowing how to fully run and walk in Chi Style and
how to practice going forward to further help you get fitter and
achieve any running goals you desire.

If we find you need extra lessons, we can add another 1-2 weeks
coaching to ensure you have fully picked up the Chi Running and
walking style and are comfortable on practicing on your own.

Gradual process
The Chi Running technique does take time to learn and will require regular practice.

But with this regular practice you will see the benefits immediately on how you run with less effort and ease, and this will motivate you keep running and get fit. 

The program is taught through an easy and enjoyable, step-by-step system in either a one-to-one sessions, or in a group environment.

It is for all levels of fitness, whether you are a beginner or have been running for a while, either competitively or recreational.

On going coaching and support is tailored to your needs, either on a weekly basis or monthly, to further help you learn. Or you can have support in the weekly groups sessions.
Additional email and phone support is offered to answer questions and address any concerns you may have during the program.  

A video analysis of before and after of your progress is done to help you see how you can improve your learning and fully grasp this new way of exercising.

All programs are tailored to meet your individual requirements, abilities and current health situation.

Chi Running and Walking Workshop formats and Pricing.

I tailor each workshop to my clients needs, goals and fitness levels:
We will arrange to meet before the workshop so I can get to know you and your health and fitness goals.

If you have any current injuries and niggles I will guide you on how to recover from them and what might be the cause.

There are 8 lessons in the program to learn the full Chi Running Technique.

Workshops are taught in either weekly 1 hour slots (8 weeks total), or 2 hour slots (4 weeks), depending on your preference.

1 hour $45; 2 hour lesson $90 ; or Book all 8 lessons $360

If necessary depending on the pace of learning to ensure you have grasped the technique, we can add additional weeks to ensure you are happy that you have picked up the Chi Running technique.

We go at your pace of learning, there is no rush, and you do not need to super fit or even a runner to learn Chi Running and Walking.

The great thing about Chi Running is that anyone can learn no matter what age or fitness you have and will allow you to become fit and healthy in mind and body in a fun and easy way.

Groups: Learn in a group with friends or other people - 4-8 people in a session.
Couples or 2 people: Learn with your partner or a friend.
Private lessons: One-to-one sessions for individual attention.

The workshops are designed to give you specific personal feedback via tips and video analysis. You will be able to tweak and improve your running style quickly and practice with confidence you are doing it right.
Location and Time of workshops
Location is held at the best place for you to get to and will be confirmed when you book the sessions. If it’s raining and bad weather, we will have the workshop rearrange for another suitable day or it will be held indoors in a hall if numbers are sufficient for a group workshop.

What to wear and bring?
We won’t be doing much running in the workshops at first, so no matter what fitness condition you are in, have no fear,  we will spend time alternating between demonstrations, exercises and technique drills.

All you need to bring to the lessons are comfortable sports clothing and running shoes, plus a warm jacket just in case it gets cold, and a bottle of water.

Post Chi Running and Walking workshop
There are options for on-going follow-up sessions either in a group or private one-to-one.

These follow-up sessions can either be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs and requirements.

These post workshops are for once you have gone through the 8 week program and need further coaching or refresher. I can coach you to improve your technique and give you additional support on any concerns you have in learning the Chi Running and Walking program.

Extra Coaching - 1 hour sessions $45
1 hour on-going coaching and Instruction for after you have the basic knowledge of the Chi Running and Walking technique 
and need extra coaching to fine tune and get personalised feedback. This includes practice tips for you take away and practice.

90 minute session Tune Up and a Video Analysis $65
The video analysis will give your a visual of you are progressing learning the CR technique, and highlight any areas that need improving.

This will greatly improve your Chi Running and Walking technique practice enabling you to progress quickly.

I can provide guidance and race plans to help with performance, if training for a race or an event.

Accompanied Coaching Runs:
For additional continuing support and motivation, I can accompany you on your runs, to help you further improve your technique, or achieve a fitness goal.

Just ask, and we can arrange a suitable time, program and price.

Running and Walking on hills:
A coaching session on how to use Chi Running and Walking technique to make hills a breeze, both running or walking.

You will learn how to run up hills with less effort and run down hills with less impact to avoid injuries and make running hills easier and more enjoyable.

You will learn how to power walk up a hill to conserve energy but still get a good workout and allow you to extend your runs. A combination of running and walking fine tuned to work together to allow you go further and gain that extra fitness.

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of being coached by Jane Manthorpe, who has been teaching me about chi running.

Jane was thorough both in explanation of Chi Running, what it is, what it means in relation to the body, and how to achieve Chi Running style. I was given on the spot training and advice to enable me to learn the style, engage with chi running and to overcome some of the old habits that creep back in when learning something new.

Jane is very clear and was able to expand on aspects where I asked for more information or she felt that I would benefit from it.
The practical guidance was great as it assisted me to put things into action under the eye of a coach. Jane was encouraging and positive and had the ability to correct when necessary, without me feeling that I had “too many faults” happening.

Many thanks Jane.
Tina von Pein, NZ

Since October 2011, Jane has been tutoring me in the form of Chi Running.  We meet regularly once or twice every week to consolidate practice and introduce new aspects.
Over this time, Jane has taught me the form, and all the elements to move this into chi running.  Previously I can describe myself as a plodding jogger, so Jane had a lot of work to do to move me into this energy efficient running style.
I have found Jane to be extremely articulate in the subject of chi running.  It is clear to me that she speaks from hands-on experience, and a sound understanding of the subject.  Jane explained the concepts to me clearly, and regularly goes over the theory and technique.  Jane is most of all patient and encouraging.
My experience is that Jane is passionate about chi running, and has provided me with an excellent learning experience which I place a lot of value on.
Vanessa Winter, NZ
I have been having Chi running classes with Jane over the 11/12 summer in Christchurch NZ.  I feel I now have a better understanding of running, and have benefited immensely from her teaching. Particularly when it comes to posture and technique.
Jane was able to adapt to teaching runners and non runners seemingly with ease.  Her instructions are clear and easy to understand, there were a few things I had difficulty with but Jane was able to adapt and explain or demonstrate in a way I could understand.
I would highly recommend Jane Manthorpe as a chi running instructor.
Thanks for everything Jane, and good luck.
Bríd Conlon, NZ
I have recently had a few sessions with Jane Manthorpe to learn about Chi Running. Jane is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor who clearly explains the origins, principles and benefits of this particular approach to running. Jane is patient and thorough and a pleasure to work with. Furthermore Jane can genuinely attest to the significant benefits of Chi Running from her own extensive running experience. I look forward to working with her again soon.

Liz W, NZ

We enjoyed 3 chi training sessions with Jane.  Both Cinnamon and I are by no means marathon runners but do enjoy a run.  I have issues with my knees & back and cinnamon was curious about the technique to better her running style. We both found in the short 3 session we did with Jane our style has improved and what she teaches is so logic!  Jane is a fantastic patient teacher and has a real passion for the outdoors and running which is really inspiring. Both Cinnamon and I would not hesitate at all in recommend Jane as a Chi Instructor, and wish her all the very best in teaching kiwis this cool new running style!!
Jodee, NZ
I always keep Chi Running principles in mind when running and completed the Challenge Wanaka iron distance event a few weeks ago without injury so thank you very much. I look forward to catching up in the near future

Jane Manthorpe

Nelson, New Zealand


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