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Jane Manthorpe — Certified Instructor

I started running 30 years ago, after my very fit South African boyfriend set a bet and a challenge that I could run the London Marathon with him!

Ever since conquering my first marathon and nearly killing myself in the process, injuries galore! (and thats another entire story on its own) I have not stopped running. 

But I had no glue. After experiencing aches and pains and trying to improve the way I ran, I was advised to join a running club and learned how to run as fast as possible and pace my runs for races, all by building up leg strength to propel you along. 

I soon became plagued with injuries and spent more time recovering from these than running.  I was not happy so I started doing research to find a better way to run.

After a bit of research I found the Chi Running by Danny Dreyer, and brought the book and DVD and proceeded to teach myself the technique. 

It took a few years of consistent practice and drills, but soon I found running was becoming easier and I needed less effort.  I began to really love running as I experienced less, and less injuries and my recovery rate from runs increased or even non existent on my shorter runs.

Chi Running has lead me to a happy healthy relationship with running, from being a consistently injured and recovering athlete, to an injury-free happy runner who can run longer and with less effort, allowing me to run ultra-distances with ease. 

Chi Running has been the friend who makes each run enjoyable and sometimes just a breeze. 

The other benefit I got out of learning the Chi Running technique was to know how to Chi Walk. Its a great way to walk for fitness or just enjoyment, that takes away those aches and pains associated with bad posture.

Running is my passion, my love and my joy, and it gives me so such happiness to empower people with knowledge of how to experience this exhilarating and pain-free way of running.

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Look forward to helping you to your health and fitness goals
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The Chi Running and Walking program

Running is a great way to get fit and is the best way tone the overall body, and achieve fitness.

But most runner’s main worry is getting injured and running out of energy. Some people find running hard and struggle with breathing.

All these worries and concerns are addressed and solved via a unique way of running, called Chi Running.

Chi Running is the combination of the principles of body posture alignment and movement principles of T’ai Chi, with the power and energy of running.

Foundation of Chi Running
Each lesson has two main themes taught, Energy Efficiency and Injury Prevention.

Good posture alignment, core strength and relaxation in the body.
Your body becomes an axle of support and balance where your arms and legs swing relaxed, tension free. This will reduce stress and tension that can cause a build up of wear and tear in your ligaments and muscles causing discomfort, aches and even pain.

Landing on the wholefoot rather than the heel.
This change in running mechanics of landing on your wholefoot, causes less impact than heel striking as it uses the natural cushioning of the foot, relieving stress on joints and improves your body’s centre of gravity when running.

Allowing gravity to propel you along and be your speed pedal, taking the effort away from your leg muscles. This makes running less effort and more enjoyable.

Speed is gained naturally, as there is less push and power needed to propel you forward, as gravity is your gas pedal.

When you combine the above principles together, the energy and power of running becomes one smooth ride of effortless joy.

The Chi Run Technique shifts the workload towards your core muscles, allowing your leg muscles to work less.

The main benefits and results is a unique way of running that takes away the main causes of injury:

Poor posture, overuse of lower leg muscles and landing incorrectly.

What Chi Running does to help you run with ease and joy:

• Takes away the aches and pains associated with poor posture, by aligning your body and relaxing in your posture, which allows your body to move with less tension and resistance.
• Reduces effort of moving forward by using gravity to pull you along, creating easy forward momentum
• Reduces impact by landing on whole foot, making running safer and reduces the change of injury.

When you can run pain-free and with less effort, the joy of running naturally increases, allowing you to fully concentrate on getting fit and healthy.

Once you know how to Chi Run, your running practice becomes a lifelong practice where going out to exercise is a pleasure and comes naturally.

Good posture alignment:
With the right body posture alignment, relaxation and balance from the strength of the core muscles, you are able to exercise from a strong balanced stable body position.

Your aligned, strong and balanced body then supports your body movements, reducing the stress, and wear and tear on your muscles and ligaments, therefore removing the chance of injury occurring.

Aches and pains, and the effort of running caused by moving your body from awkward positions from poor posture alignment, are reduced or even eliminated.

Forces of Nature:
In running, the two forces acting on your body are: the downward pull of gravity and the force of the oncoming road.

In Chi Running, you cooperate with the pull of gravity by leaning into the pull of gravity; and you cooperate with the force of the oncoming road by allowing your legs and hips to swing rearward as your foot contacts the ground.

This results in increased efficiency and a significant reduction in injuries.

Energy and Efficiency:
Energy efficiency and injury prevention are created by following the two principles that make Chi Running so effective:

Body Alignment and Relaxation:
These two principles complement each other and therefore should always be used together, like two sides of the same coin.

Gradual Progress and practice:
Chi Running applies the principle of Gradual Progress to any change in form, any change in shoes, and any change in mileage.

This principle states that everything grows incrementally through its own developmental stages, from less to more or from smaller to larger.

When growth happens gradually, each step forms a stable foundation for the next step. This insures that nothing happens before its time and protects you from overuse injuries.

Chi Running focuses can be done anytime:
The beauty of the ChiRunning focuses is that you can practice them all day long, not just while you’re running or walking.

The body learns best by repetition, so the more often you practice the Chi Running focuses when you’re not running, the easier and more quickly you’ll be able to instate the focuses when you are running.

You can practice sitting aligned and relaxed whenever you’re working at your computer or driving your car, for example.

A Holistic Practice:
Think of your running as more of a practice than a sport.

In this way you’ll be able to improve at Chi Running for years to
come, as you deepen your mind-body connection.

Like T’ai Chi and yoga, Chi Running becomes more of a holistic practice that is process oriented rather than goal-driven. ChiRunning focuses can practiced every day, not just while you’re running.

If you practice them all the time, they’ll be that much easier to practice while you’re running and walking.

Regular practice and commitment:
The Chi Running and Walking technique does take time to learn and will require regular practice, but the benefits of what you do learn does have immediate effect.

With practice your running will become much more effortless, and you will find that your motivation levels increase to get fit for the fun of it, rather than finding it hard to do and giving up.

How Chi Running is taught:
Choose to focus on ChiWalking, ChiRunning, or ChiWalk-Run.

ChiWalking strengthens the core, improves balance, and increases endurance & speed. For anyone interested in fitness walking and walking farther and faster with less effort.

ChiRunning reduces impact, makes running easier, and improves efficiency. For runners of all levels interested in making running more enjoyable and running farther and faster with less effort.

ChiWalk-Run blends the best of both techniques to help participants build endurance and conditioning at their own pace. For beginner runners, or for those interested in incorporating ChiWalking breaks into their running.

Step by Step learning:
I teach the Chi Running and Walking form in a step by step gradual process, where you attend weekly lessons to gradually learn the technique at your own pace.

Basic Components:
• Posture
• Ankle lift and Chi Walking
• Leaning from the ankles, and focus
• Arm swing
• Then, we’ll put them together and run.
• Leaning and Pelvis Pivot for a bigger stride and speed
• Cadence
• Hills
• Breathing
• Core Strength
• Pre exercise warmup via body loosing movement
• Post exercise stretching exercises

Chi Running and Walking Workshop formats and Pricing:
The program is tailored to meet your individual requirements, abilities and current health situation, and is for all levels of fitness.

Whether you are a beginner, a regular recreational exerciser, or a competitive seasoned athlete, Chi Running can help you run with less effort, impact and faster without the injuries.

Don’t worry regarding fitness levels, as we will not be doing much running but concentrating on your posture and running technique.

You will learn the whole Chi Running and Walking technique an easy and enjoyable, step-by-step fashion on a weekly basis.

We go at your pace of learning, and your lessons are tailored to your understanding of the technique, adjusting as we go along to ensure you really pick up what is being taught.

You will also learn how to chi walk and run in unison to help you get fit at a good safe comfortable pace.

Depending on how you progress and pickup the technique, we can add on weeks to make sure you are happy in picking it all up and can practice on your own in between lessons.

You can learn either in one-to-one private sessions, or in a group environment, ranging from 4 to 6 people.

There are half-day and full day workshops available.

Post workshop support:
Post workshop coaching and support is available, by email and phone to answer questions and concerns you have, to further help you learn and develop your Chi Run and Walk technique.

A video analysis of before and after the workshop will done of your progress to help you see how you can improve your learning and fully grasp this new way of exercising.

The price structure and format is as follows, which will vary depending on each persons ability to pick up the Chi Running Technique.

Prices are per person.
You can pay per week or add weeks together and pay in a bundle.
Weekly workshop steps of learning:

Week 1: 2 hours $90:
Pre-Video Analysis of your current running style, with feedback:
This video will give you a starting ground to see where your current running style is causing unnecessary stress to your body which could cause injury.

How to loosen up the body before exercising, making your muscles relaxed before you start, therefore reducing the chance of a muscle pull or injury.

How to get into a good posture alignment and be relaxed within this posture whilst standing and moving forward.

Week 2: 2 hours $90
Recap of week 1 and answer your questions.

How to Chi Walk picking up your feet and landing in away that is less impact for the body.

How to engage your core and lean forward in a controlled fall, allowing gravity and the power of your focus to pull you along with ease.

How to use your arm swing with your body as you move, in a way that is in harmony with your lean forward and your leg movements.

Week 3: 2 hours $90
Recap of weeks 1-2 and practice tips and advice on tweaking and improving your current learnt Chi style.

How to bring it all together and move the body into a run and be able to move in away that is efficient, with less impact and less effort.

Gears and Leg Length- How to run faster by leaning more and Pelvic rotation:
Pelvic rotation is when you relax your hips to allow a bigger stride allowing speed to happen naturally. This creates fluidity and allows increased speed without increased impact.

Learning the gears in Chi Running.
How to lean forward further to get faster from jogging, training pace, race pace and sprint, covering how to breath correctly at each speed, in relaxed breathing that aids your run, rather than running out of breath.

How to add a specific cadence to your run to help you run more efficiently and land on the ground with less impact.

Week 4: 2 hours $90:
How to Body Sense what your body is doing when running and adjust your running posture and running style according, to ensure you run in alignment and relaxation.

How to strengthen your core muscles connecting you with Chi, the natural energy force to give you the power in your running.

How to run hills safely and efficiently to allow you to tackle the hills with more ease.

Week 5: 2 hours $90 Recap on all what you have learned and going out for a Chi Running and Walking session over a short distance with feedback on your style.

Answer any questions and address concerns and adjusting your running style as necessary.

Another video analysis to see how you have progressed and adjust your Chi Running style to further improve your running style and technique.

You come away knowing how to fully run in Chi Style and how to practice going forward to further help you get fitter and achieve any running goals you desire.

Additional Lessons:
If we find you need extra lessons, we can add another 1-2 weeks coaching to ensure you have fully picked up the Chi Running style and are comfortable on practicing on your own.

Further Coaching:
Additional hourly sessions with myself - $55:
I run with you to tweak your running style as we go on an easy run/ walk, and stop to adjust as necessary.

Help with training, planning and running a race - price to negotiated depending on what is required

Nutritional Guidance for recovery and performance using whole living foods:
$35 per hour

Meal plans to incorporate whole living foods into your diet for superior health and fitness.

Whole living foods will strengthen your immune system, aid in fast recovery from workouts, keep your body healthy, and give you consistent daily energy.


Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of being coached by Jane Manthorpe, who has been teaching me about chi running.
Jane was thorough both in explanation of chi running (what it is, what it means in relation to the body, and how to achieve chi running style); and the on the spot training and advice to enable me to learn the style, engage with chi running and to overcome some of the old habits that creep back in when learning something new.
Jane is very clear and was able to expand on aspects where I asked for more information or she felt that I would benefit from it. 
The practical guidance was great as it assisted me to put things into action under the eye of a coach.
Jane was encouraging and positive and had the ability to correct when necessary, without me feeling that I had “too many faults” happening. 
I wish Jane all the best with this training course and have no hesitation in supporting her ongoing work and development as a coach. 

Many thanks Jane. 

Tina von Pein, Christchurch NZ

Since October 2011, Jane has been tutoring me in the form of Chi Running.  We meet regularly once or twice every week to consolidate practice and introduce new aspects.

Over this time, Jane has taught me the form, and all the elements to move this into chi running.  Previously I can describe myself as a plodding jogger, so Jane had a lot of work to do to move me into this energy efficient running style.

I have found Jane to be extremely articulate in the subject of chi running.  It is clear to me that she speaks from hands-on experience, and a sound understanding of the subject.  Jane explained the concepts to me clearly, and regularly goes over the theory and technique.  Jane is most of all patient and encouraging.
My experience is that Jane is passionate about chi running, and has provided me with an excellent learning experience which I place a lot of value on.


Vanessa Winter, Christchurch NZ


I have been having Chi running classes with Jane over the 11/12 summer in Christchurch NZ.  I feel I now have a better understanding of running, and have benefited immensely from her teaching. Particularly when it comes to posture and technique. 
Jane was able to adapt to teaching runners and non runners seemingly with ease.  Her instructions are clear and easy to understand, there were a few things I had difficulty with but Jane was able to adapt and explain or demonstrate in a way I could understand.
I would highly recommend Jane Manthorpe as a chi running instructor.
Thanks for everything Jane, and good luck.
Bríd Conlon, Christchurch NZ

I have recently had a few sessions with Jane Manthorpe to learn about Chi Running. Jane is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic tutor who clearly explains the origins, principles and benefits of this particular approach to running. Jane is patient and thorough and a pleasure to work with. Furthermore Jane can genuinely attest to the significant benefits of Chi Running from her own extensive running experience. I look forward to working with her again soon.
Liz W, Christchurch, NZ

We enjoyed 3 chi training sessions with Jane.  Both Cinnamon and I are by no means marathon runners but do enjoy a run.  I have issues with my knees & back and cinnamon was curious about the technique to better her running style. We both found in the short 3 session we did with Jane our style has improved and what she teaches is so logic!  Jane is a fantastic patient teacher and has a real passion for the outdoors and running which is really inspiring. Both Cinnamon and I would not hesitate at all in recommend Jane as a Chi Instructor, and wish her all the very best in teaching kiwis this cool new running style!!
Jodee, Christchurch NZ
I always keep Chi Running principles in mind when running and completed the Challenge Wanaka iron distance event a few weeks ago without injury so thank you very much. I look forward to catching up in the near future

Jane Manthorpe

Nelson, New Zealand


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