Mary Sewell Homan

The Chi Walk/Run approach is amazing!  I studied Chi Walking/Running to improve my own body mechanics and, was so excited about it, I became a Chi Walking instructor and look forward to completing my Chi Running instructor training.

At 50, I decided to start running in order to complete a half marathon to honor my father, who was on the Bataan Death March, and a POW during WWII.  I’ve been running ever since!  I have seen my running become more efficient,faster, and my walking more enjoyable.

The corporate world became a little boring at the director level; I chose a new career so that I would never have to sit at a desk longer than a few minutes. I have been a personal trainer and massage therapist for 15 years and I am passionate about helping people live full, healthy and active lives.

I am certified as a personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.  My specialties include:  Optimum performance training for individuals, Performance Enhancement specialist,  and sports and orthopedic massage.  I am also a master trainer for Stanford University’s Living Well with Chronic Disease, and a wellness and fitness coach (these two specialties focus on the behavioral aspects of living full lives).

So if you want to learn this amazing technique, I would love to help you.  I will do private sessions as well a group workshops.  Please contact me to schedule your training.

Mary Sewell Homan




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