Bob Schroedter — Certified Instructor

“Don’t run to get in shape. Get in shape to run.”

Running is more than an endpoint. It is a process and a pathway to becoming free of endpoints. Running is simply running. Nothing more, nothing less. At the same time that it can be Zen it can also be very grounded and basic. Stop and think what it would be like to not NEED or WANT to run but instead what the experience of JUST BEING in the run would mean. If you do, then I think you are closer to the beauty and joy of movement.

ChiRunning can be that spark that eventually leads to a new perception of who you are and what you can do and what it’s all about. In my years as a physiotherapist, seeing how much chaos mind-body-less movement can wreak on a body, I am convinced that the power and simplicity of mind-body-ful movement is where our wholeness can find order and purpose. ChiRunning has become the foundation for how I retrain my patients to get back into running or to initiate a running relationship.

My engineering and medical background lend insight into the mechanical and physiological workings of ChiRunning, but it is my own running and movement experiences that are the supporting glue connecting, seeping into and undergirding the technical knowledge with a personal philosophy. If you are at all interested in discovering or re-discovering the joy of running I encourage you to listen to a free lecture or take a workshop.

Contact me now, and you’ll never look at running the same way again.

Bob Schroedter





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