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Susie OBrian — Senior Instructor

After being told by an orthopedic doctor that I should “hang up” my running shoes, I listened and quit running…until I heard about ChiRunning. ChiRunning has changed my life. Since practicing Chi, I have completed numerous 10K’s, olympic triathlons,three 1/2 marathons, six full marathons including Boston, and a half-ironman duathlon while feeling better than ever!
I became a Certified Chi Instructor because I want to share my love of running with you and teach you a form that will allow you to run/walk well into your eighties and beyond. If you want to give Chi a try, I would love to help you start running for the first time, return to running after a break, or improve your current running form. I will strive to make you more energy efficient and help you prevent injuries.
Too many people have given up on running because of injury, age, or plain old wear and tear. Running can have so many positive effects on your life. Let me stop you from throwing in the running towel too early.


Workshops & Private Instuction include a before and after VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS.

Also included: 
  Chi Running vs. Power Running
  Introduction to the ChiRunning Form:  Posture, Lean, Heel Lift and Arm Swing
  Cadence and Stride Length
  Learning to Use your Gears
  Injury Prevention Techniques
  Personal Check-In Tricks and Tools
  Pre-Run Body Looseners
  Handouts of the material covered in the class

Public Workshops: $125

Semi-Private Lesson:
2-4 people….$175/person
5-6 people….$150/person
Private Lesson: $200
If you have any questions at all or would like to sign up for a workshop, please feel free to contact me by phone or email.


Susie OBrian

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