Dr. Barry Bruce — Senior Instructor

In the year 2005, I was disabled with osteoarthritis of the knee (patellofemoral).  Previously a marathon runner, I found that even going up stairs was very painful.  All of the injections, medications and treatments gave only temporary relief until I discovered Chi Running and taught myself the techniques using Danny Dreyer’s book. Gradually I was able to increase my walking and running until, 4 months later, I was able to run a half marathon. Today, my knees give me no problems, and in October of 2011, I ran my fastest half marathon ever and will run the Ottawa Race Day marathon this spring.

Impressed with and grateful for Chi Running and Chi Walking, I started to teach it to a number of my patients who had some difficulties becoming or staying fit, and I became a Certified Instructor in November of 2010.  So far, my classes consist only of patients from the center, and a few other people from the community.  I provide 4 sessions of 1.5 hours each on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, followed by a “ChiVent” every 4-6 weeks for graduates to provide remedial instruction and ongoing encouragement and improvement.  For larger events, I ask one of the other Certified Instructors from Ottawa to assist.

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Dr. Barry Bruce

Ottawa West (West Carleton, Kanata, Stittsville)




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