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I started running 30 years ago but did not get interested in longer distances until 15 years ago. I’ve never been considered an athlete but have enjoyed skiing, snowboarding,  windsurfing,  sailing and squash.

When sore knees revealed the presence of some osteoarthritis, my family physician recommended I give up running. But an accidental conversation with a running neighbour prompted her to drop off her Chi Running book along with her notes. With some delay, I read the book and then enrolled for a one day Chi Running workshop (2010) in Ottawa with Danny Dreyer. In turn, that lead to a Chi Living Week (2011) with 5 days of Chi Running instruction lead again by Danny Dreyer and one of his Master Instructors Mary Lindahl. With 50 students from around the world, we were welcomed into the Chi Running world, and I was hooked.

After completing the Instructor Training in Sept of 2011 (another 25 new devotees again from around the globe), I assisted Master Instructor Chris Griffin in San Francisco in Dec 2011, and then returned to Chi Living Week 2012 as one of the assistants to Danny. I subsequently completed the balance of my assignments and have become a Certified Chi Running Instructor.

I have run one Marathon and about a dozen half marathons (my preferred distance), and with Chi Running, have managed to reverse the tide and get a bit faster (8 to 10 min) in the half. But over time, running in these events has proven to be a great way to travel.


Running is one of the oldest and most natural of human activities. Yet many of us experience it as an activity that takes a toll, causing sore muscles, knee injuries, hip pain, shin splints, etc. Our founder Danny Dreyer says: “It’s not the running that hurts your body; it’s the way you run that does the damage.”


I invite you to come and learn this revolutionary running technique that combines the inner focus of T’ai Chi with the power of running. As you learn to blend body alignment with relaxation, you’ll learn to run with Chi instead of leg power, with less impact, and reduced chance of injury.

Together, we’ll build your Form, so that you might pursue Distance and even Speed, or perhaps, just quality mindful running.

Claude Demers





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