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Christine Jankins — Certified Instructor

Chris Jankins has been an avid cyclist and runner for over 30 years. She majored in Physical Education with a Health Education minor from Springfield College.  She played US field hockey and coached field hockey and lacrosse at Boston College for a few years, in her mid 20’s she focused more on running and cycling, competing in road races, marathons and triathlons.  After her third knee surgery 18 years ago her Orthopedic doctor told her to stop running. Her knee was approaching Stage 4 osteoarthritis, she was only 33 years old. Chris then focused more on cycling, competing in that sport exclusively and began teaching spin classes.  Running continued to be a passion for Chris, so she continued to run low mileage cautiously, facing frequent injury setbacks.
“Five years ago, I read the book, “Born to Run”, the book inspired and renewed my faith in my ability to run longer miles and compete again despite my stage 4 ostearthritis.”  The book’S storyline discusses a “new” running form that focuses on a minimal impact technique that also reduced fatigue.  “I then found and participated in a 4 day Chi Running workshop at Kripalu, which taught this style of running.”  After learning and continually practicing the Chi Running technique Chris is now able to compete again in distances racing in half ironman triathlons and marathons.  She qualified for Boston last summer and will be running Boston in 2014.

“I am ecstatic that I am ABLE to RUN FREELY with very few injury challenges.  Chi Running has truly transformed my life in many ways.  This inspiration propelled me to become a Chi Running Instructor and share this practice with others.”  Chris is now a certified Chi Running instructor and has been teaching workshops in addition to private and small group sessions in New Hampshire and in the New England area. 

Christine Jankins




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