Tracy Bigari — Certified Instructor

Tracy has been practicing ChiRunning since 2008.  She became a Certified ChiRunning and ChiWalking Instructor in 2010. Here is how she got started with ChiRunning…

“I ran my first marathon in 2005 to raise money for cancer research.  Despite being an only occasional fitness runner before that experience, I found I really enjoyed training for and running the marathon.  What I did not enjoy, however, was icing my knees after every long-run, and spending hundreds of dollars on chiropractics, active-release, massage and PT after developing a severe case of Illiotibial Band Syndrome.  It took months of rehab post-marathon to be able to run even a couple of miles without severe pain.

When I decided to get back into long-distance running after the birth of my third child in 2008, my ITBS reappeared, and I wondered if running was just not for me.  Before giving up, I called a friend who had overcome severe back pain and had since completed several marathons. She told me to check out ChiRunning.  I immediately ordered the ChiRunning book and was struck by how much sense it all made. 

The ChiRunning book made me realize that there is a much better way to move my body through this act of running,  By learning to properly position my body and cooperating with the laws of nature and physics, running quickly became much easier and much less painful. 

In 2010 I ran my third marathon with significantly better results.  Not only was I able to finish over an hour faster than in 2005, I experienced no knee or IT Band pain, and was back up and running at full-strength within a few days!

I am so happy to be able to share the gift of ChiRunning and ChiWalking with others.  I know there is a better, more healthy, more rewarding way to run, and I want to help you experience it too!  Don’t struggle one more day with your nagging injury or feeling that running is just not for you.  I believe we are all born to run - we just need to learn to do it correctly!”

Tracy resides in Pewaukee, WI and holds workshops in Milwaukee, Madison and throughout the Midwest.  She also offers individual instruction, race training and group runs.  For more information, please visit Tracy’s website at  .

Tracy Bigari

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