Murray Resinski — Certified Instructor

My name is Murray.   I love to run in the mountains and deserts of the Western United States.I started ChiRunning several years ago and it completely altered my life.  Not only did my running improve, but my mental focus and endurance as well.  I also became a HAPPY runner.My dad used to always ask me, “When I see people running, why are none of them smiling.”  With ChiRunning, hitting the road or the trails became a pleasurable experience, not a painful one.I want to give to others what my ChiRunning instructors gave to me!After altering my running style to ChiRunning, I have set a personal record in the 5k at 16:30, run multiple 100 mile races, and completed several multi-day stage runs in places like Scotland and the Sahara Desert.   I would not have been able to complete this or the training without ChiRunning.I also grew up in a family of teachers and it’s in my blood.  I have the experience and teaching ability to help you reach your goal…whatever it is.

Murray Resinski

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Murray Resinski

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