Eric Collard — Certified Instructor

I’m fitness and stakeholder relations professional, and I have has been coaching various sports for over a decade. It all started with football when in university I got a serious back injury (herniated disk and pinched nerve) and I couldn’t play anymore. So I started helping out with the local high school team, and I got hooked!

I picked up triathlon in the early 2000’s to learn something new and to push myself on a different level. I have since competed in over 50 races from sprint triathlons to marathons and Ironman, all over North America. I became an NCCP-trained triathlon coach and a Certified Spinning instructor to help people get into the wonderful world of triathlon.

I’m also one of 13 certified Chi Running instructors in Canada, having completed my instructor training in California and teaching with Chi Running founder Danny Dreyer in Florida. I’ve taught the technique to over 300 people around Canada over the past two years.

As an instructor, media personality and an active public speaker, I bring try to bring a diverse and entertaining approach to my sessions. I’m looking forward to helping people run injury-free, doing some talks and running with clients in 2012 and beyond!

Eric Collard

Ottawa, Eastern Canada, North America




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