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Fiona McLellan — Certified Instructor

I’ve always enjoyed running and was a keen club athlete in my early teens. Unfortunately, that was when the injuries started. I’ve never let them keep me down for too long, but it’s not been easy. Over the years, I’ve seen a wide range of physiotherapists and doctors, had one operation, and spent a lot of time swimming and cycling to minimize the damage.

I chanced upon Chi Running a few years ago when looking in Amazon for a running book for my sister. I decided to buy a copy of Danny Dreyer’s Chi Running book for myself too, and ever since I began applying his technique, I’ve been able to run faster, further, and with lots more fun. As there were no Chi Running instructors in Switzerland at the time, I decided to become one myself and achieved certification in May 2011.

I’m Scottish, but I’ve been living in Switzerland since 2001. I speak fluent High German, Swiss German dialect, French, and Italian, and am happy to travel about Switzerland to hold workshops.

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Fiona McLellan

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