Ed Cotgageorge, Ph.D. — Senior Instructor

I have been a life long runner but only as an adjunct to climbing and mountaineering, until the mid 1990’s when I was told no more running due to spine and knee problems.  After a 12 year break, I was introduced to Chi Running.  Not surprising, running (pain free) is now the main activity. Like many others, Chi Running has changed everything - simplified, less equipment(toys) and time gained.

In my professional practice I see Chi Walking as a great tool for management of pain and stress associated with chronic medical conditions.


All day Chi Running/Chi Walking workshops. - $175.00

Half-Day private workshops (4 hours) are available for $100.  Or Bring a friend for a 25% discount.

Half-Day small group workshops (put your own group of 3-4 people together) - $100.00/per person

Hills and Trails -for those who have completed an all day course and want off-road hills and trails specific ChiRunning training.  2.5 hours $70.00

Please call or email for other combinations or for general information about the workshops.

Ed Cotgageorge, Ph.D.

Durango, Western Slope and Denver area




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