Ed Cotgageorge, Ph.D. — Senior Instructor

I have been a life long runner but only as an adjunct to climbing and mountaineering, until the mid 1990’s when I was told no more running due to spine and knee problems.  After a 12 year break, I was introduced to Chi Running.  Not surprising, running (pain free) is now the main activity. Like many others, Chi Running has changed everything - simplified, less equipment(toys) and time gained.

In my professional practice I see Chi Walking as a great tool for management of pain and stress associated with chronic medical conditions.


All day Chi Running/Chi Walking workshops. - $175.00

Half-Day private workshops (4 hours) are available for $100.  Or Bring a friend for a 25% discount.

Half-Day small group workshops (put your own group of 3-4 people together) - $100.00/per person

Hills and Trails -for those who have completed an all day course and want off-road hills and trails specific ChiRunning training.  2.5 hours $70.00

Please call or email for other combinations or for general information about the workshops.

  Venue Location Date Time Cost More Info
ChiRunning Green Mountain Presbyterian Church 12900 W. Alameda Pkwy Lakewood/Denver , CO Jul 26th to Jul 26th 8:00 am- 4:00 pm 225.00
ChiRunning William F Hayden Green Mountain Park Denver/Lakewood , CO Jul 27th to Jul 27th 8:00 am - 11:00 am 70.00
  Venue Location Date Time More Info
8505 E Arapahoe Greenwood Village , CO Jul 26th to Jul 26th 8:00 am - 9:00 am

Ed Cotgageorge, Ph.D.

Durango, Western Slope and Denver area




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