Serena Scott Thomas — Senior Instructor

I first fell in love with ChiRunning when I read the ChiRunning book in 2008. I had started running at 47 in 2007 and had run a couple of half marathons fairly comfortably.  I had been injured training for my first full marathon and was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to run again.  My physical therapist ( And yes, a physical therapist told me this!) had told me, “some people’s bodies just won’t go there”.  I was devastated by just the idea of this and began a quest to find another way.  That’s when I found the ChiRunning book at the bookstore.  My husband was reading ‘Born To Run’ at the same time and we would sit and read out parts of the book that interested us and we found that they were talking about the same thing.  A natural and easy form and philosophy of running that allowed people who had formerly been told they could never run again,  to revel in the joy of running for the rest of their lives.  Excited and inspired by these two books, I signed up for another marathon determined that I would complete it injury free.  Using the metronome and what I had been able to gather from the book, I finished (4hrs 38) feeling relaxed and fresh as though I could have kept on running but during the following weeks, I started to feel a nagging pain in my left knee.  I realized that I need to fully commit to the ChiRunning form if I was to reap the benefits and signed up for a one-day workshop with the wonderful Steve Mackel.  I loved the workshop and wanted more personal instruction so I had a private with Steve and he sent me on my merry way.  Well, sure enough, the pain in my knee subsided and I signed up for another marathon (Thank you, Steve!) This time I was going to push a little and see how much time I could knock off, with the ultimate goal of qualifying for Boston.  Just before the race, I started to feel a little pain around my left ankle.  I treated with ice and Advil and ran the race in 4hrs 16, but I was worried.  I still hadn’t really got the ChiRunning form into my body and again,  I wanted more.  I decided then that I would sign up for the Instructor Workshop and also for a Boston Qualifying race.  They were making the qualifying times harder and it was now or never.  I became extremely focused on my form and training.  I had to really engage the lean and maintain my alignment to be able to run that fast (4hrs) and I knew that it was the only way I was going to be successful.  I ran it in in a blissful 3hrs 54.  I knew I was on to something,  I had knocked 44 minutes of my time in just two marathons, had qualified for Boston and had no pain anywhere.  I was extremely excited now about the Instructor Workshop and couldn’t wait to learn more.  I traveled to Asheville in September expecting to gain information, sink the form deeper into my body and, quite honestly, have a bit of a break!  What I wasn’t expecting was the life-changing spiritual awakening that I had there.  The staff and instructors welcomed us with open arms and hearts.  They had a light in their eyes.  They had something that I didn’t and I wanted it.  As the days unfolded and we practiced our teaching on our fellow candidates under the gentle and wise guidance of Mary Lindahl, I discovered something that I never thought I would feel.  I discovered that I love to teach, that I love to share this wonderful gift of ChiRunning, that it fills me with joy to pass it on.  To see the light in my students’ eyes as they feel the Chi start to flow with freedom and relaxation in their bodies, the sudden dawning of the realization that, yes, they can run too, is the most wonderful gift in my life.  For myself,  I have never felt more centered, more grounded, and comfortable in my own skin.  I get up each morning with joy, knowing that each day is another day in which I can relish this extraordinary sense of well-being.  My runs are each an adventure, a meditation and a practice, each one different but each an equally exciting journey as I discover more and more about myself, my body and my relationship with this beautiful planet. I consider it an honor and a responsibility to pass this on to my students.  I will always be profoundly grateful to Danny, Katherine, Mary and all the lovely people at ChiLiving.  You have changed my life more than you know…...

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Serena Scott Thomas

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