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Jim Mehrwein — Certified Instructor

Completed 5 full marathons (Eugene, OR; Portland, OR - Twice; Maui, HI; Victoria, BC. Completed many half marathons, came in first overall in Coburg, OR, marathon.

ChiWalking revolutionized my walking. Before I began walking for competition, I could not run across the street and could only walk a short distance due to knee surgeries on both knees. I now walk and run for competition. I am a certified run coach with Team In Training, and I have a passion for teaching ChiWalking.

I have coached others who did not feel they could possibly do a half marathon, but because of ChiWalking they not only completed their event, but did so with a smile on their face. What a joy it is to see the transition - from the couch to the finish line.

Jim Mehrwein

Eugene, OR




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