Andy Selters — Senior Instructor

Andy came into Chi Running after suffering a severe spinal injury in a 2001 plane crash. He worked with Master Instructor Kathy Griest and found that Chi Running not only allowed him to run, it actually helped take him to the next levels of strength and flexibility. As running became comfortable for him, he aspired to teach, and he became a certified instructor in 2008.

Andy brings to Chi Running a long background of outdoor and physical education. For many years he taught mountaineering, rock climbing, and cross-country skiing, especially in Washington state but also in many ranges around the world. He is also an accomplished outdoor writer and photographer, and a mountaineering historian. In the last couple of years he has begun to teach T’ai-chi, an art he started practicing in the mid-1980s, under grandmaster T.Y. Pang. He lives and teaches near Mammoth Lakes, one of America’s premier running locales.

Andy Selters



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