Elizabeth Cline — Senior Instructor

Years ago, when I began running races, I “ran through the pain”.  I lost countless toenails, ignored my knee pain, stuffed my feet into shoes, and hobbled across many a finish line.  Then, I was introduced to Chi Running. 
ChiRunning has taken my daily run from merely exercise to my moving mediation and connection to my body. 
In the last 15 years of running, I haven’t had a side-lining injury.  That’s not to say, I haven’t had my “issues”.  However, I learned to listen to my body, and make adjustments as I go ~ and I’d love to teach you to do the same.
Running, exercise - movement in general -  is a passion of mine, and something I can’t help but share.

Workshops and Private Instruction include a before and after VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS.

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Elizabeth Cline

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