Ariane Werner -van Keimpema — Senior Instructor

I enjoy running a lot and have been running for many years.
In 2007 I had a knee injury and could hardly run. I started visiting a physiotherapist and a radiologist who could not find anything wrong with my knees. Then I heard about Chi Running
and a friend from the States send me the Chi Running book and DVD. I started reading it a lot and trying out this new technique during my runs and I was really surprised that I hardly felt that my knees were sore. The more I worked with the Chi Running technique the more my runs started to be very relaxed and joyfull.
So I decided to go to Asheville where I was trained by the founder of Chi Running Danny Dreyer and Master Instructor Kathy Griest and became a certified Chi Running & Chi Walking instructor in 2008.
Since then I have helped a lot of people to get to know and experience the Chi Running / Chi Walking techniques.
Teaching others to feel the same experience as I feel with the Chi Running/ Chi Walking techniques gives me a lot of energy.
Until July 2014 I was teaching in The Netherlands. I moved to France( near Bordeaux)where I will be teaching private lessons and giving workshops.
The languages I speak are Dutch, French and English.

Ariane Werner -van Keimpema





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