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LifeFlow Running is a company founded by Lee Killpack.  Lee had lived most of her life as a very sedentary, overweight and somewhat depressed woman.  Life just happened to her and certainly never seemed to flow.  After a cancer diagnoses in the late 90’s with its following Chemo and Radiation she decided that life was too precious to continue living by default.  She cleaned up her diet, lost 60 pounds and started walking, which eventually led to running.

She ran her first marathon in fall of 2005.  She met Danny Dreyer, the founder of ChiRunning, in January of 2007 at a time when her knee injuries were only allowing her to walk.  She became a certified ChiRunning and ChiWalking instructor that same year.  She no longer suffers from chronic knee pain.  She has completed 13 more marathons as well as numerous races of various shorter lengths since becoming an instructor. She has assisted Danny Dreyer in several workshops in New York City and Washington DC as well as leading her own workshops throughout the country.

What is even better is that as she incorporates the ChiRunning principles and focuses into her running form, not only does her running flow naturally but the principles flow into her life. As she aligns and relaxes her body with the flow of nature, creates balance in her running form, senses her body and makes adjustments for it’s needs she also finds balance in her life, senses her true needs and relaxes so that her life flows naturally and peacefully. ChiRunning and ChiWalking principles can change your life.

Lee lives in the York/Harrisburg area of Pennsyvalnia.  She teaches individual and group workshops in PA and throughout the United States. Give her a call if you have a group interested in learning ChiRunning or ChiWalking as she can travel to your area.

Please visit LIFEFLOWRUNNING.COM for a listing of upcoming workshops

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