Bridget Barr — Certified Instructor

Having completed her Chi Running and Chi Walking Instructors’ training in June 2007, Bridget became one of the first certified instructors in the North of England.

She has run regularly since the late 1980’s but prior to learning the Chi Running technique, she was never able to train consistently due to frequent injuries. A period of running well and feeling fit was usually followed by an injury and the inevitable work of getting back to fitness.

Recognizing the importance of improving her running technique to avoid further injuries, she learnt the Pose method of running, which helped in some areas but caused problems in others. Lessons in the Alexander Technique also helped to some degree but still the injuries persisted.

Finally, she came across Chi Running and has never looked back. She is now able to run consistently whilst staying free of injuries.

Since beginning to teach Chi Running, Bridget has developed a keen interest in ‘how’ people learn such techniques.  As well as utilising the tips from Danny Dreyer’s (2009) book she also draws heavily on the ideas in Tim Gallwey’s ‘The Inner Game’ of Tennis (1974) and Michael Gelb’s More Balls Than Hands: Juggling your way to success by learning to love your mistakes (2003)

Bridget is also a qualified Alexander Technique teacher.  She sees many similarities between Chi Running and the Alexander Technique especially in terms of reducing unnecessary effort.

Favourite quotes:

‘Practice with playfulness, relish and joy’

From ‘Lessons from the Art of Juggling’ by Michael Gelb and Tony Buzan (1995)

‘Give up trying too hard but never give up’

From ‘More Balls than Hands: Juggling your way to success by learning to love your mistakes’ by Michael Gelb (2003)


Bridget Barr

Yorkshire and surrounding area




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