Patrick Burke — Certified Instructor

Late Bloomer.  Never an athlete.  I’m an average guy, who’s had an extraordinary journey that I started at age 40!  What started as a simple goal to be active for my growing sons, became a realization that I can actually be good at something:  I can run!  Although long course triathlon is my sport, running is my joy…my escape. 

I’m a passionate father and husband who works in corporate America.  Yet I want my life’s work to be a cause for wellness…for anyone who wants to be active.  ChiRunning came into my life in 2007, before my second half-Ironman triathlon, and my first marathon.  I set out to learn a running form to avoid injury.  I discovered that…and so much more.  I not only PR’d the triathlon by 20 minutes on the run, I posted a 3:26 Chicago Marathon (in 90+ degree heat).
Maybe those results are interesting…  What if speed was just a byproduct of a running form?

If you’ve never run…if you’ve tried it and didn’t enjoy it…if you’ve had chronic injuries and want to run uninjured…if you want to continue to enjoy running…or if you just want to run faster and easier… Whatever brought you to our website, I would be honored to join in your running journey.  I’ll happily share the practical tools and mindful techniques to keep you walking and running for the rest of your life. 

My race journeys include 5k, 10k, half and full marathon; sprint, Olympic, half- and full-Ironman triathlon.
Patrick offers certified ChiRunning workshops primarily in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  Full and half-day workshops for up to 12 students will provide hands-on teaching of ChiRunning focuses and principles; and access to fun run(s) in the area.

Workshops and Private Instruction include a before and after VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS.  Excercises and drills include posture, lean, ankle lift and armswing. Full-foot landing, cadence and pace will also be covered.
- Half and full day workshops
- Private individual sessions
- Private group sessions
- Introductory talks at local Chicagoland locations
Please e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 
or call me at 847-858-7065 for workshop information or to set up a private session.

Patrick Burke




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