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Gregory Umberger — Senior Instructor

Gregory D. Umberger
Greg has been an avid runner for 30+ years and triathlete for 20.  In college he had gained considerable weight and started running to trim down.  There is no telling what his health condition would be like today if he had not altered his lifestyle and diet.

Several years ago Greg was introduced to ChiRunning in St Croix by Maurice Wills, another ChiRunning Instructor.  Greg had been struggling with his run and nursing various aches and pains in his hips and knees.  Maurice convinced him the ChiRunning would change all that for the better.  “As soon as I returned home I ordered the starters kit (book, DVD, and metronome).”  It did not take long before the aches and pains disappeared and Greg became a believer in the technique.Having known many runners who had to give up running because of serious injuries due to poor technique, Greg made the commitment to become a Certified Instructor in order to spread the word.  His goal is to get new runners into the game where they previously thought it was too hard and to keep experienced runner injury free to continue running for years to come.

November 2008 Greg completed his 6th Ironman, the first in 9 years.  More recently Greg has joined the ranks of the Ultramarathon and completed a 55 mile run benefiting the Wolfson’s Childrens Hospital in Jacksonville, FL.

One thing ChiRunning has allowed me to do is run with my heart, I just let it lead me.  Stripping away all the struggles, pain and worries of injuries related to power running and letting go has allowed that to happen.”

Gregory Umberger




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