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Jørn Lüttge Jensen — Certified Instructor

It was an article in a Danish runners magazine in 2006 that introduced me to ChiRunning.  I had suffered from a lower back disc herniation since 2002 which had severely curtailed my regular running practice.  I had been struggling to get up to 10k distances, but the pain in my lower back and my drop foot that got worse prevented me from going further.

I ordered the book and the DVD and within 3 weeks I was able to run 10k pain-free and eventually the drop foot vanished.

Born in 1947 what interests me most is to prove that you can keep on running and that the deterioration of vital measures with age that is considered a law of nature is just a statistical artifact due to inactivity and overeating. 

I have never been a fast runner but to me it means more to run for 3 hours with a smile on my face all the time (and be rewarded by returned smiles) than shaving some minutes off my PR.

I hold a master of chemical engineering in biochemistry with teaching experience in anatomy and physiology combined with a lifelong passion with process computers and control systems.

With my wife’s master in physical education and with kids being a physician, a PhD of biotechnology and a student of chiropractics it is no wonder that I have been studying the technical aspects of ChiRunning and ChiWalking in details and am satisfied with what I teach.

I cannot wait to help others improve their running form to be able to run injury free for the rest of their life!

Jørn Lüttge Jensen

Århus, Denmark


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