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About Andrée Leighton, PhD

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Andrée has spent the past five years experiencing and sharing the joys of Chi Running and Chi Walking.

Andrée began her adventures with Chi Running through a random Internet search, curious to see whether anyone had done any work connecting “chi” and “running.” This led her to the Chi Running book. She immediately began practicing Chi Running, and shortly went on to enroll in a two-day workshop and then instructor training.

Andrée has participated in running events across the spectrum, from 5Ks to the Los Angeles Marathon, and has successfully assisted others in training for similar events. She brings a natural enthusiasm to her teaching and coaching, and her classes and individual sessions are lively, fun, and full of discoveries. Andrée loves her work, and considers it a gift to share Chi Running and Chi Walking with others.

Andrée brings a wealth and variety of experience to her work. She has worked in education for more than twenty years, and teaches political science college courses in Los Angeles. In 2008, she graduated with a doctorate in spiritual science. The focus of her study and research was the power of gentleness, and Chi Running was a principal method that she used for her personal research study.

From Andrée directly: “I live my life with a view that I am voting with my life. My choices and attitudes are votes, and I am constantly learning and growing in making votes that contribute to a good life for everyone. Chi Running and Chi Walking touch to every aspect of my living: Mind, body, Spirit and beyond. I love how the process is simple, constant, and new every time. It is an amazing gift.”

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Andrée Leighton

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