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Upcoming ChiRunning workshops in the Denver area:

I am available to teach private and semi-private workshops out of my house in Lakewood during May. Please call or email me if you are interested.

The ChiRunning App is available now for iphone and Android and the Chi Walking app has just been released: I beta tested the Chi Running app and can tell you that it’s terrific! It’s like running with your own personal coach. Search the app. store for ChiRunning and here’s a link:

What to expect at a workshop:

I recently finished my 34th marathon and qualified for the 2014 Boston Marathon.  I first ran Boston in 1978 and, with Chi Running, plan to run it many more times!

I especially love teaching Chi Running and turning other people on to the efficiencies of this form.  My workshops include a video gait analysis that we watch in slow motion and is usually very revealing!  Please call or email if you have any questions about my upcoming workshops or if you would like to organize your own group of 6 to 10 runners: (425) 457-6567 in Lakewood, CO or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 

Running bio: I can tell you exactly when I started running.  Frank Shorter had just won the silver medal for the marathon in the 1976 Olympics.  I learned that a marathon was 26 miles that day and I went out to see if I could run one mile.  I did and was hooked from that day on.  I ran 6 marathons during the next 2 years before I was sidelined by debilitating IT Band Syndrome.  I saw Doctor after Doctor and tried everything Western and Eastern medicine could offer to try and solve my knee pain.  Finally, in 2004, I found Chi Running and learned that the answer had been inside me the whole time.  I just needed to change my form!  Not only had I found the cure for my knee pain, but Iā€™d found a new career as well.  I had recently retired from the University of Alaska Fairbanks as a Finance Professor and decided I could combine my love of running with my love of teaching.  I also knew that the best way to learn something was to teach it ā€“ and I had a lot to learn.  I needed to change just about everything in my running stride; and I needed to learn how to relax and feel what was happening in my body.  My knee pain disappeared after the first few months, but I was just beginning to learn what ChiRunning could do for my health, my energy, and my enjoyment of other activities.  Applying the principles of ChiRunning has become a way of life for me rather than a goal to be obtained.  It has changed my view on aging and I now look at this as something I can improve on for the rest of my life.  I have assisted Danny at workshops all over the U.S., Costa Rica and Ireland and traveled with the Dreyers to the Tai Chi Camp in China that was organized by George Xu.  As a Master Instructor, I have taught several of the Instructor Trainings for Chi Living, Inc. 

From Tami after the April 28, 2012 workshop
“Hi Mary,
This really does work! I came home and decided to do a 5 mile training run.  I tried to focus and apply what I learned today.  My pace ended up being close to my half marathon race pace without the effort I normally put forth to run this pace. I had no intention of running this training run at that pace; it just happened.  I absolutely loved this class, and I’m so excited for the changes I will see in my running.  I definitely had to focus hard but I know over time this will come naturally.
Thank you so much!

From one Happy Family after the Disney World Half Marathon - thanks to Chi Running
January 10th, 2011

“Hi Mary,
I wanted to give you an update ā€“ WE DID IT! We took your class in Denver in July training for a half marathon at Disney World. I know for a fact that we would not have been able to train and run this half marathon without taking Chi Running. The tools and techniques helped us to stay injury free as we trained. We all had a wonderful experience running our first half marathon. We are all addicted and expect to be doing more in the near future. Thank you again for a wonderful course!”
Connie, Rod, Steven, and Sarah Determan

From Diane Redd in Portland Oregon on Chi Walking:
“Hi Mary,
Wanted to report that Chi Walking is saving Dan’s knees to hike another day. We are climbing Mt.St. Helens next month and he has been doing fine on our training hikes employing Chi Walking going down the steep trails. Our friends are so impressed with the techniques.”

From Russell J. Flemming, Ultra Runner
“Running long distances can be disastrous if your not prepared mentally and physically. Be it a 5K, be it a marathon, be it 100k, the principles of Chi Running can help you enjoy, and safely prepare and conquer any distance you set your heart and mind on… Mary is an excellent teacher, and makes learning and running a joyful experience.”
Russell J. Flemming
Ultra Distance and Marathon Runner

Mary Lindahl

Denver area




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