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Erin Duffey-Dupree — Certified Instructor

Erin has been running for over twenty years participating in everything from 5Ks to marathons. Erin studied ChiRunning for several years taking courses from certified and master instructors in Florida. She has been injury-free for several years, rarely needs a day off and has noticed significant improvements in speed and consistency in her long runs, and she enjoys helping others achieve these same results.
In 2015, Erin started down the path of becoming a ChiRunning instructor and optimizing her knowledge and form to help others.

Erin has a masters degree in health care management and has worked for over ten years as a clinical specialist, educating and training inpatient rehabilitation professionals about Medicare’s regulatory requirements. She is an effective
and energetic communicator with professional experience in teaching physicians, therapists, and rehabilitation nurses, as
well as runners!

Erin’s educational and professional background and love for running can help increase your joy of running! Contact Erin to find out more about private lessons or Chi Focused low endurance group runs!

Erin Duffey-Dupree

South Florida




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